Comcast Optics

Written By engineerisaac

Posted: Fri, May 04, 2018 at 11:38 AM - Showing 552 Views

Comcast has been at it constantly working towards becoming the leader in cable networking. Pushing amazing speeds and tech though that isolated radio line. They are investing heavily in their image. But one has to ask why? Why do you care so much what your public think of you at this point?

This article is a exploratory expansion that will grow as a Drill down more into the report. But here is what we have so far.

Fastest speed we offer anywhere is Gigabit Pro plan which is 2Gbps down/up. In areas we offer it, it is available if you don't take a TV plan. We also have a 1Gbps down/35mbps up plan called Gigabit which is more widely available and available whether you have TV or not. -Dan

Im attempting here to put pen to paper on historical speeds and averages and prices. In the coming months I look to investigate their cost vs worth.

This Isnt Finished yet.
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