5 ways you are wrong

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Hook... Line... Sinker!

It's interesting to think that a buzz phrase like this one can land so much viewership. But it does! The challenge that you want to get to the bottom of how incorrect you believe I am about things. You scroll fast looking for the bold print by declaring the first break in a paragraph.

The Title has more power then the content.
Can you believe that the title has more power then the actual content you provide? Don't believe me? Just grab a tab and open youtube Pick a number between 5 and 30 and then write "Reasons why" and let autocomplete take the wheel. Those videos have the viewership! Or look at your facebook feed. Notice you find yourself clicking on the bait just to read the headers?

There is this thing about being challenged that we as humans don't agree with, We wonder in ways wanting to either prove the facts wrong or we want to acquire the information to either agree or disagree with.

The Challenge has to be there.
You need something to to click up there in the noodle of the masses. Sometimes you have to put an edge on things. Drive enough conflict into a person to challenge them into reading the content. or watching the video through. Radio talents do this with audible cliffhangers "Right after the break we will expand on this" or "Stay tuned your not going to want to miss this"

TV Talent have a larger task. They Cut shows off in recaps. for commercial breaks and replay the sequence to reengage or lead you in softly after the break for the big calm down. If you don't challenge your audience to listen, view or read the content. They won't.

Things must be spoken in a normal context to be accepted.
Hurry the sale ends tomorrow! - Well no it doesn't. There is a sale tomorrow and the next day. We all know this. This is true with many if not all things. Money being the biggest one and the most powerful way to make a good sale is to speak as if the price is normal.

Let's do this. Lets setup an experiment. In your most hesitant tone state out loud "It's 3000.00 dollars." Speak this to your coworker. or hear it yourself out loud. The tone of the hesitation translates and is received in the same context as the way you spoke it. Now speak it with a confident but not overly boasting tone. "Its 3000.00 Dollars" Tone is the key factor in a good laying foundation of truths.

Many are more then willing to pony up the cash knowing that the price tag they herd is solid. Known and doesn't hurt your own pocket book.

You can talk about anything, If you own it.
Sex, Money, Drugs nothing is off limits if you hold true to what you state. Even the most famous who stick to their guns the whole way through get off the train without a scratch. The same can be in anything you do. Be confident in what you say. Even when you are not press on and forward. You might find that you are extremely good at faking it. So well that you become engulfed in it and soon an expert in whatever IT is.

Your actually not wrong.
But I had to tell you that to get you to skim this far. Even if you didn't read the top you are reading this now. Yes its below the all powerful fold. Yes its full of fluff and garage. But it proves my point from the start. Marketing isn't about fancy algorithms or campaigns. Its about engagement of people like yourself.

Grabbing the time from a stranger is a hard challenge. So why not treat those strangers like your deer friends. A great part of my success in my career is my ability to engage with my clients instantly. by being honest and direct with them it builds trust. Even when things are bad or thousands of dollars are on the table. Everybody can respect a direct and upfront person with no games to play.

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