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All This effort i've put forward into a multi domain complex of awesome. Im now taken back as to how much work i've put into it. It can do so much and as it gets bigger and bigger Its just a collective machine of information and data.

My biggest issue im now facing is with all the advancements im pushing towards it the sheer amount of information im tracking needs to be easily readable and searchable for you guys.

Here I have over 1 Million news articles and you are just not able to access any of the data or search properly. I have months of weather data. Tracking stats smart home feeds and so much under a single roof.

I've spent so much time on security of this system sequestering data to separate databases. And Locking data away its been quite crazy. Now that ive gotten the system to the level it is now. Its ever more clear to me how much effort i need to put forward to keep it secure and running.

Let's be honest we all hate driving on the highway especially when it's traffic lockdown , we all complain about how we need more Lanes but honestly two lanes are absolutely perfect if we weren't such terrible drivers

We have two problems we have everybody sitting in the left lane it is constant mentality that because they're going slightly faster than the people in the right lane they are qualified as passing and therefore are allowed to be in that lane

In doing so the cap out at the speed limit and when they hit that speed limit they are no longer going faster than the right lane intend to sit in the left lane they will continue to sit there because they do not want to lose their forward position

Unfortunately this is where traffic is created if you do not get out of the right lane and you sit there you will effectively clog both lanes and become a part of the problem

What needs to be understood is that the right lane is the driving lane this is a lane that you should be in 90% of the time if you see an opportunity to advance ahead of the car in front of you then you use the left lane to pass that particular car or that block of cars

Then at your next opening return back to the driving lane we are constantly spending too much money on road infrastructure and talking about traffic problems but in reality we have a society problem we have people who do not follow the rules already established and we have a police force unaware or unable to enforce the current rule

Everybody knows the rules on the road to an extent if you set yourself to lead by example you will find the cars around you will follow that mentality would you have to make it known and show them tried on your next road trip use proper turning follows many laws as you humanely can and you will find that people within your proxy will do the same

If you drive with speed and rage you will also find that the cars within your proxy will default to a native competition in this moment you will find road rage

It is very possible to travel fast down Highway with your fellow motorists of proxy and do it without road rage

For the police officer enforcing the rules their overall goal is safety on the road they're not interested in car accidents

Most times law enforcement will allow speeding to an extent if the majority is doing it and the majority is doing it safely

I've been making websites for over 15 years now and over that time I've learned a lot of things

I'm an idea guy by Nature so when I have an idea popped into my head I go to town trying to find a good domain that will fit that idea

After I usually find the domain that idea tends to fizzle out and become a bad idea and here I am stuck with a domain that could have been a good idea but isn't

I am telling you this now because I find myself stacking up 30 to 35 domains that are just wasting away while I develop an idea

This is a financial mistake on the highest level it will waste your time energy and money I highly suggest you do not do it

What I do suggest as you have one domain that you would build on develop an idea until it becomes a fully functional Avenue enough for to deserve its own domain

People will tell you that you have to get that domain purchase before someone else will take it well I'm already here to tell you that someone else has already taken your domain that's a fact of this modern era

So don't spend too much time creating the perfect idea for a domain when in reality Forge a good idea first keep your people or interactive with your site limited during development stages before you go fully public I'm before you go public that's when you do buy your domain

In America we're seeing the infancy of something awesome. We are seeing the birth of the Practical smart car that will self drive you to the local grocery store then go pick up your kid while you shop.

But all sounds pretty cool in theory however we have a couple problems with the self-driving world

Right now there's a lack of what to do when it comes to who is at fault for an accident or fatality on the road currently we have an entire law book written around the idea that there will be a person sitting in the driver's seat at all times so therefore liability can rest on the shoulders of that person but what happens when you have a technology behind the wheel with no person there to manage it?

The answer is definitely not a simple one in fact it's probably the biggest controversy that surrounds the self-driving market right now who do we blame when something bad happens?

Each and every state how's this opportunity to opt in and allow self-driving cars on their roads only a few states are allowing true autonomy at the moment however you probably have seen the average Tesla on the road with driver-assist of capacity let's not be confused it is just like self-driving except you're still liable and you're technically still driving

My personal prediction will be that the autonomous circuit will be born through Transit and transport that means truck drivers will probably be the first to go but not right out of the gate they'll still need to be somebody inside the cab in maintaining that computer during the time of innovation and development which will most likely be more than a few decades long

When it comes to autonomy we have a few problems first I already covered it who's to blame if something goes wrong but then there are others such as processing power power consumption communication since 3 and other extremely variable scenarios that must line up to make self-driving proper

Personally I believe that a good place to start would be by creating a law on a federal level that implies that anybody found interfering with an autonomous vehicle with intention to derail or destroy the vehicle is held liable

This could be as simple as cutting a vehicle off or tricking the sensors into breaking when it does not need to or any malintention

The second potential step would be to create a large marketing campaign to make the public aware of this that's creating a superficial stigma to avoid the vehicle at all costs

Three make a visual requirement on the vehicle itself that there is no driver and the vehicle is purely powered autonomously

This will create to mental scenarios in the drivers on the road they will proceed with caution around this vehicle in to look upon with excitement amazing Wonder

And then finally allow the practice to be placed in the real world to create understanding and follow through.

I will be completely honest when I say autonomous vehicles are quite some time out for practicality and majority on the road as there will always be motorhead's and enthusiasts who will not enjoy the idea of being driven but would rather drive

Cars to people on many occasions are just as strong as the gun argument so telling people that they can no longer drive on the roads that they pay taxes for will not fly in any practical sense

But let's also pay close attention to the idea that smart cars have only been in development now for less than 10 years

Smart vehicles have a long way to go and it'll be a long and controversial Road filled with news articles and opinions

But if we all look at a Thomas Vehicles as a positive impact on the world we will eventually come to a stalemate of understanding with these computer counterparts on the road driving with us
Cable companies and television providers have been put on notice. A recent survey proof that people are more confused and disgruntled about their television Bill than ever before fact it has gotten so bad that the baby boom generation is starting to become fed up with it as well.

These people are spending six to $700 a month just to watch TV in their whole home with rental box fees and federal fees and fees that don't make any sense or adjust each and every built or the price tag is different with no good reason people are looking for alternatives

Must be honest we're really starting to get into the Heyday of the internet where speeds are now getting decent to stream high-quality content

Big contenders like Netflix and Hulu are pressing forward on internet ability as it's their lifeblood so with that being said there's nothing stopping other providers to fill the television Gap with more Affordable Services

Set TV was one of those Services set out to undermine that business model but was quickly shut down due to their efforts of content acquisition

The only cable providing service out there right now that's really stepping up their online game is Comcast with their new X1 platform

But they themselves are not exempt from the evil that they are bad billing practices and strong-arming the customer has to come to a close

We are quite literally seeing the infancy of this battle and we really don't know how it's going to play out but if I was to make a prediction I would say that we're more likely to see more internet startup companies offer smaller levels of service but I'm Morella cart driven with better billing practices to undermine the bigger dogs to level the playing field and create a more natural and competitive state which is where it really should be anyway.

Well maybe you think it's easier to just tell people what to do with authority, however on the initial front it's actually more work than its worth in the long run.

When you deny the other person that you're trying to direct any type of dialogue it robs them of their needs to feel validated and therefore they will contest regardless of how sound or logical your directive is, you must be open to dialogue.

It's important to realize that you're playing with people's emotions as well on top of telling people what you would like them to do.

If the person that you're throwing directives at does not mind being a submissive servant to your will then there is no problem. However I have yet to find someone who is willing to be that guy.

One of the most important things that you can do is give the person who you are talking to the opportunity to have a dialogue sometimes if not most times there's a reasoning to their logic as well.

In an employee's setting it is actually easier to ask somebody if they be willing to accomplish a task even though it is rightfully known that they are expected to accomplish the task the methodology of asking them simulates choice

If you have a proper hierarchy setup then the format choice would be automatically directed in the direction you needed to them to go.

if a manager asks an employee to clean the floor the employee knows that it is his job to do as the manager requests and therefore will most likely comply with the requirements.

However if you demand the employee clean the floor they will contest because they've been robbed of choice even if the choice is an illusion, it is still missing from the equation.

You will find that most humans want to succeed for their own self-worth and maybe the worth of others or a collective worth.

Most importantly when you deny someone a choice you will find yourself walking back your demand into a format of a question. it would have been easier to start off by asking a question in the first place even if the question is formatted to be a directive.

Now that the Blackberry keytwo has released I'm finding it more and more interesting that all these Twitter posts and YouTube videos are focusing on the physical changes in the device however not very many of them are speaking about what I find the most critical part of the update that I'm extremely disappointed about

I've used to keyone now for over 6 months and I absolutely love the phone however it has a fatal flaw it's processor just isn't fast enough its ability to multitask cannot go beyond 3 to 4 apps at a time before it starts lagging out and crashing

This isn't due to not enough memory or not enough speed in the processor it honestly the biggest downfall

The battery inside this phone is nothing short of phenomenal it will go a day and a half of extreme use

the security built into this phone is bar none and granted that the thumbprint fingerprint scanner on the spacebar isn't the world's greatest it does work and it exists on the phone which is quite nice

What's the biggest misconceptions that people have about the Blackberry that I've seen so far is that they're not sure that it's an Android because Blackberry made a name for itself on their operating system that they have to spend it so long ago people still associate at Blackberry with the custom software and not the fact that I said Android in a custom housing body

I technically as you could say downgraded from a Samsung to the Blackberry keyone but I did it because of the keyboard and I also knew that it was Android but since that time they have done more software updates to their operating system than any other phone brand I've ever had

Seeing as how Blackberry is in charge of really software now they let TLC build the phone for them and then they're sent your focus is making sure the software is in good working order and honestly they do a great job of that.

What needs to happen now though is the ability for me to really knock out some serious business work and I mean be able to run Google Maps YouTube and write an email at the same time would be quite nice

But given the current Snapdragon processor it makes it extremely difficult to prove such a thing.

So there's one thing that I like you to take away from this entire article is all the hype about the keyboard has already been foreclosed with the keyone so you can ignore all that the transition between the keyone in the key to our marginal and in my opinion not worth the upgrade until they figure out how to get a smarter processor or larger bank of memory in this wonderful device

So my air conditioner stopped getting as cold as it once did. I started doing a ton of research on how thermodynamics worked. How expansion valves worked and how the whole system worked in general. Turns out this shit is pure magic. And most air conditioners can only handle a 3 to 2 degree differential. But the amazing part of why they work is they can maintain that 3 degree shift constantly.

Meaning that if your house is on a loop, Like 99% of the homes across the US. Then if your house is at 74 and you have a constant -3 Differential then in enough time your temperature will hit 71 if the loop continues. And then can continue to drop unless some type of thermostatic system is put in place.

Lets put this into easy perspective. The most complex and expensive part with all the moving parts. Chills outside your home in the compressor and expansion coil. It is basically a sealed pump and a radiator. Its hooked to a switch that turns it on and off along with a fan. THATS IT.

Then once activated it begins to take this misty like substrate and smashes it into a compressor so that way its a liquid like format. It travels inside your home and at this point the chemical is luke warm until it hits what is called a expansion valve. Now here is where the magic happens. due to the chemical CFC in the line that is in liquid it gets forced into a small nozzle and then the moment that fluid escapes that nozzle into a larger side chamber it reacts causing a cooling effect.

The cooled liquid then travels through another radiator called the condensing coil. It then absorbs all the heat energy from your home and stores it into a ever expanding format to where it turns back into a mist and runs at higher pressures back to the outside expansion coil where it takes all that energy it absorbs and expells it outside. "This is why your outside condenser blows hot air out." And then repeats the cycle.

Now when a HVAC comes to your home they bring a manifold that they attach to your system. This device measures pressures against the 2 sides of the loop to make sure its within the nominal levels.

While we as customers cannot touch the CFC chemical unless we become EPA certified. We can however Measure the differential to be sure our device is working by putting a temperature read out in the return and exhaust of the system.

I set this up with my automation system to get a reading of whats going on.

My plan is to write a logging system that will measure this change constantly.

This is today by Nvidia.

Something had to spark a need to drive without driving. My desire for that started in 2005 With a honda civic.

It initially was just a hybrid car that ran on hydrogen enriched air fuel mixture. But I slowly started gaining more energy in the car then it was consuming from the solar.

So I decided to build a command system that ran the car.

Then built a forward looking lidar system Long before Velodyne became mainstream

It compiled images that looked like this.

The principal was simple. Learn the layout with tons of depth field camera photos and draw a GPS guided map. This system taught my car its bounds of the road. Common stopping points and geographical issues as well as speeds and directions.

I then graduated it to a more streamline 360 Degree system that was a 12 laser diode array against 3 webcams to build a 3d presence along with my Depth camera. I also threw in regulation and monitoring of my car computer. Control of my transmission And then the basics like music.

I then started to expirement with 3d Mapping of realtime pictures.

As well as Image understanding.

I realized that the tall monitor had a high distraction issue with only the corner being touch screen. So i removed the touch screen option and went military selector style for the interface to help minimise distracted driving.

After a few system faults. and fires that created me more worry then ever. I decided to rebuild everything.

Then financial hardship hit me and the project came to an abrupt halt. Over time I found other projects that didnt cost as much. And around that time my sister was in need of a car and we had an extra one. So the project got scrapped out and the car cleaned up

Gave it a rather neat looking paint job and gave it to my sister.

Givin the light of the situation. I've always wanted to get started up again. But never had the funding. Maybe one day I will find it. I always wonder what it could have been if i continued. Especially now seeing how amazing the self driving car movement has become.

At first glance you wouldn't think about much correlation between ALS and Tide Pods, that's because there isn't directively but subconsciously there's a connection. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge moved people to be bold to inspire others and to really create a sheep mentality of hay that person is doing it so I might as well be doing it too. A lot of people decided to pour cold water on themselves completely unaware of the actual initiative.

But then shortly after other types of challenges started to pull up and a lot of them were haphazardly and 1/2 brained ideas. Collectively YouTube can create amazing Trends and get people to do awesome things but it also has the same consequence of getting people to do the dumbest of things just out of the idea of being bold or popular.

I must be honest 90% of YouTube is a damn good title you could have an entirely trash video but as long as you're making some type of challenging request in the title you're going to get gold.

It's an unintended consequence may be something that we didn't really look at and honestly it's one of those things where when people work as I heard they tend to follow the same direction so in reality we can't really say that we must regulate this or we have to find a way to get people to stop, it was just something random that I found to be quite fascinating with its Association.

What is this place?
Everything found here on this website is for research. Investigateing ideas and projects, Its my version of apature science.

Projects and ideas brew here. Think of this place as a digital extension of my brain.
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