Any of the LEGS Below when connected from RH/RC to the Units Below will activate the service.

Below is a Wire Diagram that shows the path of the HVAC system in a standard setup. It shows what happens inside the thermostat.

Example of this is RH/RC to G will turn on the fan.

Typically bonded together on most systems. If its not INVESTIGATE the path as in some systems such as radiant systems the circuits are not bonded powered on their own bonding them back without research can cause device failure.

RH- 24VAC LEG1 Voltage for the HEAT relay.
RC - 24VAC LEG2 Voltage for the Cool Relay.

W1 - Stage 1 Heating.
W2 - Stage 2 Heating. (Runs on top of W1, To activate secondary efforts.)

Y1 - Stage 1 Cooling.
Y2 - Stage 2 Cooling (Runs on top of Y1, To activate secondary efforts.)

The Condenser that runs outside. Needs to be connected between Y and C to Activate Seen in this diagram below.

G - Blower Fan.
E - Emergency Heat.
C - Alternate pole of the 24V System.

RH/RC is the theoretical Positive terminal of the AC Circuit. As the C is the Negative. But since we are dealing with AC Systems, Polarity is hard to quantify as fact in the industry.

We get into the murky waters with humidity. as not all thermostats act the same way. But Typically its a contact of its own or its a thermostat of its own. Here is a generic logic of the wiring system.

If you are using a drip membrane system. it is wise to use a 2nd transformer for the coil. They typically look like this in your system and is most common.

Its actually really simple. But not written down anywhere.

On your panel

Get into programming.
(INSTALLER CODE)800 Default installer code is 4112. So Verbatum you press 4112800 if the installer code is default.

Move to The enable IP/GSM Field by pressing *29

Press 1 to enable the Device.

Press the * to Go Back after you enable.

Now press *54

Its currently set to 54 change it to 1 by pressing 1

press * to go back.

Now Press *55 on the keypad.

Its currently set to 55 change it to 1 by pressing 1

Now press* to Exit out of the mode.

Now press Now press*99 to exit your panel and Restart the chip when it returns will start system ready.

Shortly after that you will see This error message about Check 103.

This means that the Device is reporting no monitoring services. This is where you will then proceed to Alarm-net.

I want to trust that Wyze will upgrade this RTSP protocall. But I dont trust they will invest time in it. I even fear they will retract and close down their platform. My investment in these cameras have gotten me a bit paranoid so Ive mirrored the firmware just in case it goes bye bye.

What is RTSP?
Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) is a standard network protocol designed to establish and control media sessions between endpoints. Due to hardware limitation, RTSP could only be achieved as a separate firmware version for both Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan.

Support for RTSP
We don't have the resources to keep developing two branches of firmware for Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan. This means that the RTSP branch will be upgraded infrequently.

The currently available firmware is an updated beta version. This contains improvements over the prior version but still has the potential to include minor stability issues. Once we're in a position where we can confidently say that any present issues have been fixed, we'll push out a release version of the firmware.

How to install the RTSP Firmware

Download the Wyze Cam v2 RTSP file, or the Wyze Cam Pan RTSP file

Unzip the file.
Rename the contents to 'demo.bin',
Format a MicroSD Card into FAT32
Transfer the 'demo.bin' to a microSD card's root directory

Unplug your Wyze Cam and insert the prepared microSD card.

Hold the camera's Setup button while plugging in the USB cable and continue to hold the Setup button until the light turns solid blue.

Setup Button Location on Pan
Setup Button Location on V2

Once the light is solid blue, release the Setup button and wait for 3-4 minutes. The camera will reboot, and the status light will change during this time.

Note: The "Solid Blue" in this case is not the same as the one normally seen on the camera. Instead, both the blue and yellow LEDs will be on at once, making it appear to be a lighter blue.

Once this process is finished, you should see the Wyze Cam in your Home tab without going through the setup process as long as it was previously paired with your account.

How to start using RTSP

Step 1
Navagate to your Application and select your camera to RTSP

Step 2
Click on the gear icon in the top right of your screen.

Step 3
Click on Advanced Settings.

Step 4
Select RTSP On the bottom.

Step 5
Enable the RTSP Switch

Step 6
Create a Username and password for the RTSP stream. Then Generate URL

Step 7
Copy and Paste your RTSP link into whatever platform you are looking to include it in.
Note that On Generation of the URL the Service turns on.

End Result
Once the RTSP is enabled. The Quality of the feed runs at 1920x1060

Important Notes
-This username and password is unique to just the camera you setup.

If you are having these issues.

There is a 4 seconds RTSP delay behind the Live Stream in the Wyze app
The Video is not smooth and appears to jump every few seconds.
The Video drops after a while and rebooting (or turning RTSP off and back on) is required to restore the connection.

Change to the Beta Firmware

Download Links

Source Links
Wyze Cam V2 - Assumed Stable Firmware -
Wyze Cam PAN - Assumed Stable Firmware -

Wyze Cam v2 (Unstable Beta) Firmware
Wyze Cam Pan Firmware (Unstable Beta)

Wyze Cam V2 - Assumed Stable Firmware -
Wyze Cam PAN - Assumed Stable Firmware -]

Wyze Cam v2 (Unstable Beta) Firmware [lnk]

Wyze Cam Pan Firmware (Unstable Beta)

header('Content-Type: image/png');
$im = imagecreatetruecolor(500,200);
$text_color = imagecolorallocate($im, 255, 255, 255);
imagestring($im, 6, 5, 5, 'A Simple Text String', $text_color);
imagettftext($im, 20, 0, 10, 20, $white, $font, $text);

There is the great phrase if you are doing nothing wrong and you have nothing to fear.

This phrase is quite literally a definition of privacy and its greatest format but it is not the reason why you want privacy it's not about you doing the right thing with the wrong thing, it's more about your freedom to choose without being watched.
United States it is proposed to be a right to privacy.

But with our growing technological mountain of eroding privacy we are actually facing new and never before experienced privacy problems.

Currently we live in the digital cowboy era of technology where everyone is trying to make these brilliant in new products.

Data breaches are coming at us at an alarming rate due to the fact of money driving the real desire to keep costs down and the inventory moving but very little is invest in security until a company gets caught with his pants down.

Unfortunately the story of how everyone has to learn the hard lesson before they become wise much is true with current technology companies.

They're very much interested in providing features and convenience for the user while taking security with a relaxed idea that obscurity is he good enough obstacle for the internet at Large.

However these companies then soon fall term to a massive data breach where they make station statement saying they're not sure that they have been hacked they can't find a way in but in most cases it's because make a secure enough login or the company made it all too easy for a man in the middle attack to occur.

I myself am not immune to this idea just last week I setup a server the host of video game what is incredibly rushed trying to deploy the service that I alienated certain security practices.

Within a day my virtual environment was entirely corrupted buy a standard and good old-fashioned RDP brute Force attack in which the attacker pushed up against the remote connection of my server until they breached once they got in the encrypted my entire virtual computer environment with a ransom note.

Of course this is the internet and I should know better it was entirely my fault and lucky for me I didn't have anything on that server that was a value but if I did I would have been up shit creek.

Honestly the worst embarrassment that I felt was letting my friends at their game server had been irreversibly compromised I'm going to have to start over.

and then that moment I honestly thought to myself I'm smarter than this I know better I know that's not something we should ever do.

That in a nutshell prompted me to write this article. Companies are not doing this because they're trying to be evil companies are doing this because they're trying to get a product deployed as fast as humanly possible and at the lowest price.

Amazon isn't trying to spy on you however when Amazon has subjected with a massive amount of data data scientists look at the information as marketable equity. The more information they obtain about you the more they know your habits which in a retailers world is marketing Bliss.

you're not trying to be big brother but it does kind of come down that way with such a great amount of data being collected in the privacy of most people's homes the convenience factor tends to go both ways.

Such as a great example would be Alexa with inside of your home a lot of people love her existence to help the turn on lights when their hands are full. We're just simply asking what time it is.

but because of her intelligence to the central computer that is the Amazon cloud service privacy becomes a challenging statement.

Is that she is a speaker and a microphone that is connected to the internet.that microphone constantly has to be listening for the trigger word and in order to do that it has to process audio signal now one could say that the audio signal for the trigger word is stored within the little computer of the device however with my rationale I exposed earlier this post having the processor that's constantly listening on a local level seems a logical but it's cheaper to do it in the cloud.

maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Amazon will correct me but it feels like it would be more efficient to have a open stream in which it listens for certain words within a computer algorithm before it expands on the coat tree what to do that but audio stream would have to be forwarded to the master server.

And without getting too deep into techno jargon let's just say that I'm pretty confident that Alexis constantly streaming audio into the master server.

We as humans are not exactly the most innocent and that's when privacy should be expected as an undeniable right.

Let's take this example as a very good reference let's say that you get in an argument with your friend we're still friends but in the moment you're angry and you have a conversation with your wife for your husband about how angry you are with your friend.

I do lash out audibly by saying I'm going to kill him even though your intentions aren't there to do so you audibly blurted it out.

It would be nothing nothing would go about nothing could happen you would go to bed wake up next morning and realize it was all no big deal.

but let's just say we have this little. And I don't know if she's reactive on these things or not but let's just say she could be let's say she hears the word I'm going to kill him and reacts thinking but there is danger the current context we're framing there is no danger but that little box doesn't know any better and here's the magic word for danger and what she fires upon an instant alert to the authorities who arrive at your house.

Congratulations you not have to explain the context in your conversation and how you really didn't mean it.

DC how inconvenient that would be no system is directly trying to be evil or cause trouble but they are trying to help the greater good and sometimes that can be misconstrued context is important devices that are intended to help us don't always executes proper judgment

the future is going to be amazing we are going to fix these problems we are going to move forward but I assure you during that time of moving forward we will hit some rocky bumps.

And it is better to experience these bumps and refined them into perfection then to abstain from technology all together and treat them as a tinfoil product.

No technology is perfect it is always an evolution and a work in progress.

Okay so when I say DVR you're probably thinking recorded shows being saved to a hard drive on your machine this is something that TiVo champion back in the day and this is something that a lot of cable providers would build into their service but today we have a systematic shift and how we handle media a lot of that happened with the big cable providers changing the way big present media to you.

We also have a extremely large ship with how data is saved security camera systems we no longer use a good old coax cable and pull a camera across the line and if we do that technology is so old and so blurry that you can barely make the criminal out on a postage stamp.

today most cable providers provide you your channels through means of proprietary internet meaning that the show is streamed to you from a database if it's not live and if you want to save your video this is simple as requesting that would be flag is a standard video.

you still have the experience of a DVR but in reality black box it's really just flagged as this is what I'd like to see again in a database somewhere where the video is still lives at Central command.

Much is the same with the new NVR technologies in cloud connected cameras it's true that we stored data directly at the source anymore this just become service calls and trouble.

the creation of the cloud is amazing however that also kills your opportunity to be in control of your data if it is truly yours if we're talking about TV shows technically according to our current American law that property is not yours you are merely leasing viewing rights in the private home.

However camera companies that are providing services such as cloud connected cameras

those companies are providing a service at a monthly rate store you are footage in their world with a long laundry list of terms of agreement such as lack of responsibility for breaches of your private video data or research analysis to gather information about you.

Kind of unnerving if you really think about it.

But to be completely blunt about this entire post most of the data that you think is yours really isn't yours anymore because it's now in the cloud and you sign that away to the provider of the cloud.

Ok So You are seeing all these people with their ring doorbells and their pin up cameras that are 200 bones a piece.What If i told you that there is a camera out there that respects your privacy a bit more then Ring or Nest.

The WYZE Camera is your ticket. Built on a simple cineese camera the modified firmware and support team has made this camera a real gem. Your footage does not require .a subscription. You can connect it to your DVR or it can be its own DVR.

So Lets look at the PRO's and CONS.

MOIP is Starting to take off in a big way. Here is a sales starter kit to make sure you get everything you need for a good setup.

The Controller
You only need one per project. This device is the controller. The central orchestrator for all the parts.

This is a single source transmitter. You need 1 Transmitter per Input device. For Instance if you have 3 apple tv's 2 Roku's and 4 Dish Boxes. Then you would need. 9 Transmitters for your project.

This is a receiver. Its 1 unit for each TV in the house. If you have 4 Tv's Then you need 4 Receivers.

Network Switch
Its best to dedicate a switch to your MOIP Project. Treat the switch like a matrix of a HDBaseT System. Plug all receivers and transmitters into the same switch. If you need to link switches use a fiber optic cable between switches. MOIP Relies on Multicast technology and this technology is very network intensive. To avoid headaches practice multicast isolation.

Understanding Multicasting Traffic
Yes this is extremely dry. However Extremely informative.

More Understanding Videos

Router and Standard Network

You will need a device that will give out the IP addresses and prefrom your basic Network Settings.

Attn City Of Loveland

For Open Release:

I am a resident of Loveland Colorado. A While back we all at large voted to approve the municipal broadband Initiative.

While I Understand that we cannot disclose maps of progress where the service will be available for competitive advantage. I Believe it should be the subject of a city talking point to present a construction time frame sheet.

To the savvy its called a "Gantt Chart" I am not asking for estimate ETA's or Projections in this chart. I am asking for "WHATS ACCOMPLISHED" So We can as a public at large see when things go stagnant and WHY.

Typically it all boils down to approvals with costs and city votes at the table. A Gantt Chart will help create a visibility map to create a required pressure to progress this investment we have begun together.


I passionately believe as so many that the internet is a portal to so many beautiful things. Many MANY companies start in the confines of their own homes and flourish. Nothing would make me happier to see technical innovation within my city starting from the warm flickering light of a fiber optic glass wire attached to the homes of this fine city start in a home. To Grow into a retail/office space of this city due to the availability of a proper a-sync connection.

Today many people investigate where to live sole on the quality of internet available in the area.

In Loveland's current market we have a have the ruse of choice but we all can agree that there is no choice and we reluctantly choose Comcast as the only viable option.

I am asking to NOT let this initiative fail. I am asking that we all bond together on a collective idea we all started rolling years ago now.

Effectively by actually creating a viable competitor for Comcast will effectively pressure innovation, Better prices and Greater availability.

Brieana Reed-Harmel is a brilliant mind whom I believe can pull this off. But she cannot do that if progression cannot be allowed or made at the table.

I am asking for the Gantt Charts not to hold her accountable as I fully believe she would gladly stretch the bars on a chart.

I am asking for this chart to hold the the elected accountable to move it forward.

If you believe as I do, Please Like and comment. If you Disagree make your claim known.

Civil Discourse is a right we all share to move forward in the exchange in ideas and progress.

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