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1. You don´t like rich people
2. You think rich people are special
3. You don´t spend enough time learning
4. People make you feel guilty about your decisions
5. You worry too much what people think about you
6. You worry too little about what the right people think about you
7. You listen to every thing your parents tell/told you
8. You are too loyal to any family tradition
9. You are an expert at making excuses
10. Your attitude sucks

Comcast Optics

Comcast has been at it constantly working towards becoming the leader in cable networking. Pushing amazing speeds and tech though that isolated radio line. They are investing heavily in their image. But one has to ask why? Why do you care so much what your public think of you at this point?

This article is a exploratory expansion that will grow as a Drill down more into the report. But here is what we have so far.

Fastest speed we offer anywhere is Gigabit Pro plan which is 2Gbps down/up. In areas we offer it, it is available if you don't take a TV plan. We also have a 1Gbps down/35mbps up plan called Gigabit which is more widely available and available whether you have TV or not. -Dan

Im attempting here to put pen to paper on historical speeds and averages and prices. In the coming months I look to investigate their cost vs worth.

Many of you out there would like to be making more money maybe your living paycheck-to-paycheck well I'm here to tell you that you're not alone. Millions of people just like yourself live paycheck to paycheck each and every month.

Most just like you are wanting to get out of this rut and would like to start amassing of wealth or start getting to the point where they start living comfortably.

Well I'm here to tell you it's actually quite easy to get this way and it requires set pads and goals and It ultimately discipline.

The most important thing that you have to realize is that you are actually in control of the amount of money that comes in and goes out of your life.

It starts with attitude it starts with the perception of going to work each and every day in this belief that you are doing a good job you're working your hardest and your best and not just that you believe it that it also means that you have to show physical proof that you're actually doing well. Why do I say it this way it's because others have to believe that you are doing good work they have to see it just as you do.

Sadly us humans are social creatures as much as we talk about equality fairness and bureaucracy it always boils down to emotion at the end of the day how people feel tense to describe and dictate your bottom line.

Which people are negatively pessimistic we also are really easy to fall into a systematic rut. I'm here to tell you otherwise push yourself everyday to get better to do harder to do more to learn something.

Your bottom line is purely described in how well you work and how well you are received by others. Have you noticed this though you'd walk into a performance review and 9 out of 10 times you're talking about social issues rather than productivity?

Usually they glanced over your merits of hard work to talk slowly about what one co-worker said about you?

Don't let this get you down you have to learn how to brush things off move on get past it because it's important to remain optimistic in the world that's filled with pessimism.

Another element that keeps you down is your spending habits the rich are typically Rich because they're extremely good Savers they're very Savvy and let's be honest they don't like spending their money.

They hoard zeros like you hoard things and that's the difference you both tend to hold things and collect things but between the both of you one collects the amount of zeros in their bank account and one collects the amount of toys they have in their garage.

The crazy part is is that those who collect the zeros first tend to be able to get the second part as well those people are quite capable of playing the long game.

Also there's the matter of debt don't get yourself into debt it may be really easy to look at that credit card and say wow that's a lot of extra money that I could just spend right now problem is is that debt is actually modern day slavery

A good Golden Rule to keep his don't spend other people's money spend your money and only your money.

Negotiate bills as much as humanly possible nobody pays attention to the billing process not MediCal not your internet bill nobody. Most times a company's billing process is so convoluted that not one single person knows how it works they just know the section in which they work it so with that being said you can always use that to your advantage.

I know what you're thinking this guy is crazy why would he enjoy a show that was fundamentally built for little girls?

Why would this 33 year old dad absolutely love what this show stands for?

Well the answer is actually quite simple and it needs a little bit of a back story.

Back in 2010 I was working for a marketing firm when I started that company I was in a really complicated part in my life where I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go with my life.

The company that I was working for was starting to do some very shady and corrupt things and I would start to grind everyday morally about what I am doing and why I'm even here I started watching this humble little family base company turn into this industrial complex of extortion asking me to do things like create tools to help them cheat and lie to their customer base

I would watch my ideas become suppressed and shut down only to resurface as a new relabeled idea from yet another person within the same company

about time where I was starting to lose my mind the fandom broke out and me being one of those types of people who look at everything with the Curiosity Mark I to watch the showm

At first I felt extremely strange going well I'm watching the girls show but then I started getting into the season I started to realize a very very basic and under growing message which technically in this world should be a no-brainer however it is something that a lot of the world struggles with

And that is
being kind to each other.

As strange as it sounds and as crazy as it may be this show gave me the capacity to use these little equine as teaching tools to others about principles of moral and sound judgment.

Ultimately this boost in morale Within Myself due to the show help me stand up for what I believed in and helped me regain the confidence that I knew I had to stand up to what I thought was wrong and on top of that never let anybody step on me again.

But that also comes with a caveat...

The show taught me so much about the idea of being friendly to everyone this notion that a drop of honey will attract more than a gallon of vinegar and as the show developed so did the character defining each and every trait of what a good person could be irrelevant if it was directed towards little girls are not the message was pretty clear.

Friendship is Magic is basically their slogan however it breaks down to a very basic principle of being kind.

This logic I've actually applied to the real world and I have found surprisingly that by being kind to as many people as I possibly can I to have grown exponentially in my life doors open opportunities have come forward due to it.

Success has surrounded me with these darn ponies and for that I am grateful and due to that I will gladly stay that I'm a brony

I will openly defend the idea that this show is amazing I will take the blunt of The Crazy Ones within my fandom because there's a lot of them purely because of this underlying message of being kind to as many as you can

Because of the nature of the show and it's architecture it's really hard for the writers to get political or create some kind of underlining tone that has an alternative motive the equestrian world that was created has this unique architecture to guarantee the message and the world stays as pure as possible

Sadly however the fandom tends to take things and strange directions but that also comes with any fandom and its popularity I reject most of the fandoms Fringe art there's a lot of things that create cringe-worthy and of course there are always the fans who draw genitalia on damn near anything they can to make a buck

That is a section that I outright deny and reject for as far as I see these ponies they are cute as hell innocent and it most are
The craziest part about me telling you that this show has a hard time being political is because a lot of the talent behind the voices have a very deep political agenda in their own personal thing but the neat thing about this show is it sticks to the subject matter and it doesn't allow any of the artists who claimed the voice of the character to push their agenda.

So if this was a mission statement it would go as following

I absolutely love the show I love the characters and I love the message it provides I don't always agree with the fandom in fact most of the fandom is full of people who forget the actual message and look too unnatural desires and at times use art to creatively visualize those desires which in my mind is not exactly a sound judgment and completely counteracts the purpose of the show but as they say rule 34 of the internet has no exceptions.

To me these characters are lovable little vectorized cartoons that portray is incredibly fun message that can help anybody in the right circumstance and that is as far as it goes or will ever go.

Oh yes writing this article online could be the Paramount of what you get out of this entire article. But hear me out to the very end

We are intelligent creatures by default we know what is right we know what is wrong we can reason we have compassion and we have the capacity to think for ourselves in great depth. But as a culture we weren't always constantly connected cellular technology combined with social media has given us this amazing ability to be connected at all times

But what if it was a bad thing.

What if we The Human Condition required points of isolation in our life to comprehend and think creatively and objectively without outside influence swaying a sheepish and primitive mindframe. What if some of the smartest Minds of our history and our time spend good amount of time isolated

Now by no means do I think myself as a Visionary or a great leader we talked many times I see myself to be the biggest idiot of them all but what I can say is over the past six months I have tried an experiment I have indeed technologically isolated myself to a limited capacity

And you know what it feels wonderful no I'm not saying that you boycott technology or boycott computers I'm saying you boycott the social interactivity between other strangers

Nothing is more productive than researching how to do something or innovating for creating the social Factor can come after those traits are expressed to share or boost your ego is not always a bad thing but to do it without any type of product or effort can install narcissistic mainframes

People enjoy creative people they like listening to the things that they have invented they enjoy it when they don't have to figure out something because somebody else already did problem we're having though is a lot of people are getting wrapped up on the idea that they need to fill the airwaves or in our case the internet with content just for the purpose of viewing

It gets us as a public try and clamour for something good to watch even in the afternoon of just YouTube alone there is a lot of garbage you really have to dig deep to the low viewerships to find truly good content filled with actual learning and innovation because it's typically drowned out by the noise of the next six reasons why your unpopular

So take a moment and think about the idea of disconnecting I understand that this feeling creates endorphins in your brain that are good on the next notification makes you feel wanted however these traits line up with other instances does simulate the same responses that drugs alcohol and sex can create

Treat social media like a drug cuz that's exactly what it has it shares the same traits there's elements of peer pressure there's a diction there's lows and highs and some special circumstances the addiction can create monetary losses no different than gambling

Make it so addicted to our lives that while we're driving we scroll our Facebook wall we swerve in between lanes not really noticing

Sadly there's a lot of bad that can come from constantly being connected

So if you're going to take one thing from this entire article I would suggest you learn to moderate your activity on the internet to one very simple principle the internet is best used to learn things make friends and contribute positively

When it is used to cure boredom it can do no better damage than a home invasion or assault on persons

Well as many of us think that the internet is Anonymous by the fault everything that you say on the internet has the capacity to be interpreted and red but other people it can indeed hurt feelings that can change people's mind frame your bad advice can get someone severely hurt now granted with that being said I'm not here advocating that you have to watch your mouth or you'll be at fault for anything I'm merely stating that it would be wise to put effort contributing positive content to the world

Freedom of speech only becomes the scrutiny of attack when enough negativity steps forward

And I'm not know I have left this article to run way too long for that I apologize so here I leave it here abruptly

Hook... Line... Sinker!

It's interesting to think that a buzz phrase like this one can land so much viewership. But it does! The challenge that you want to get to the bottom of how incorrect you believe I am about things. You scroll fast looking for the bold print by declaring the first break in a paragraph.

The Title has more power then the content.
Can you believe that the title has more power then the actual content you provide? Don't believe me? Just grab a tab and open youtube Pick a number between 5 and 30 and then write "Reasons why" and let autocomplete take the wheel. Those videos have the viewership! Or look at your facebook feed. Notice you find yourself clicking on the bait just to read the headers?

There is this thing about being challenged that we as humans don't agree with, We wonder in ways wanting to either prove the facts wrong or we want to acquire the information to either agree or disagree with.

The Challenge has to be there.
You need something to to click up there in the noodle of the masses. Sometimes you have to put an edge on things. Drive enough conflict into a person to challenge them into reading the content. or watching the video through. Radio talents do this with audible cliffhangers "Right after the break we will expand on this" or "Stay tuned your not going to want to miss this"

TV Talent have a larger task. They Cut shows off in recaps. for commercial breaks and replay the sequence to reengage or lead you in softly after the break for the big calm down. If you don't challenge your audience to listen, view or read the content. They won't.

Things must be spoken in a normal context to be accepted.
Hurry the sale ends tomorrow! - Well no it doesn't. There is a sale tomorrow and the next day. We all know this. This is true with many if not all things. Money being the biggest one and the most powerful way to make a good sale is to speak as if the price is normal.

Let's do this. Lets setup an experiment. In your most hesitant tone state out loud "It's 3000.00 dollars." Speak this to your coworker. or hear it yourself out loud. The tone of the hesitation translates and is received in the same context as the way you spoke it. Now speak it with a confident but not overly boasting tone. "Its 3000.00 Dollars" Tone is the key factor in a good laying foundation of truths.

Many are more then willing to pony up the cash knowing that the price tag they herd is solid. Known and doesn't hurt your own pocket book.

You can talk about anything, If you own it.
Sex, Money, Drugs nothing is off limits if you hold true to what you state. Even the most famous who stick to their guns the whole way through get off the train without a scratch. The same can be in anything you do. Be confident in what you say. Even when you are not press on and forward. You might find that you are extremely good at faking it. So well that you become engulfed in it and soon an expert in whatever IT is.

Your actually not wrong.
But I had to tell you that to get you to skim this far. Even if you didn't read the top you are reading this now. Yes its below the all powerful fold. Yes its full of fluff and garage. But it proves my point from the start. Marketing isn't about fancy algorithms or campaigns. Its about engagement of people like yourself.

Grabbing the time from a stranger is a hard challenge. So why not treat those strangers like your deer friends. A great part of my success in my career is my ability to engage with my clients instantly. by being honest and direct with them it builds trust. Even when things are bad or thousands of dollars are on the table. Everybody can respect a direct and upfront person with no games to play.

To better protect yourself from getting scammed here is a simple rule book to follow when hiring a website design firm. or somebody who will be in charge of your website.

Don't Sign any Contract without reading them fully
Be prepared to walk away. Dont get money locked. Dont spend a dime before you sign a contract and dont sign a contract before you read every last word. This honestly is logical advice. Not coming from a state of law or a lawyer just think common sense. There is many times you find that a contract is anything but logical.

Most times the contract is written to hold harmless your wanted new company. or hold them without responsibility while forcing you to foot the bill. So good golden rule is "If its not written by you, Its not in your interest" So read it!

Own the DOMAIN and the CONTENT
The domain. The big you want for your company! You must own it outright. DO NOT LET them get this for you. I know it might feel complicated but goto godaddy or enom and buy the site yourself. Most times you only need the bare base minimum!

If you have no idea what you are doing hire a contracted IT guy to help you make sense of it. Via 3rd party! This gives you the right and the ability to leave un molested.

Second! Demand the ability for RAW FTP/SFTP/SSH/SQL Access to your files. Many times they will only give you access to a Web portal. Giving you "Full Control" over your content. However with this as the only way to access the information they can lock you out of that portal. And your content will be gone to your access.

Now granted even if you have raw access to the assets. You also need to realize they can lock you out of those portals too. Granting the reason you want this raw access is for backup before the blunder. If you have a 3rd party keeping a backup of your files and your database on hand and off site from this firm you wish to hire. IF by chance anything goes wrong. You have a timestamp you can revert back to quickly elsewhere.

SAAS Locks you in
Many companies look to offering software as a service. SAAS to be short. This means they will lock you into their services no matter how you see it. You join their world and operate the way they tell you. If you don't agree you risk all your information and data to be lost to them at their terms. If ever possible Hire a 3rd party to help you find affordable hosting and get things setup for them.

While it may look nice for the Marketing/Design team to have full control to maintain this. Mind you that if you choose them and you get into any spat. Even if its a billing issue or a scuff with an employee. They can shut you down with no power to you.

Check for an In house Lawyer.
If the firm you are working with has an in house lawyer on staff. Be mindful as to why that is the case. This company makes websites... Why do they need to staff a 40hr a week Lawyer for any other reason other then to defend?

Not all firms have this as a bad case. Look into the reasons why that lawyer exists. Some help draft proper and specific terms of service. Some negate the legal sector of a specialty site. But the majority of the time they are placed there to defend.

Search for sucks.
The Biggest search term out there to find the other side of the fence is by searching for your company or product and add the word sucks after it. Most times when people describe distaste or anger they use the word "Sucks" in some PC format or another. This will help you get a grip on seeing what is in the closet of the comany regardless of how much they invest in hiding it.

Many companies that have bad back lash will create another shell entity to hide or flood the cause using the same terms. So be careful what you read. Look for presentable relations such as specific situations or actual dollar amounts. Relate able impacts. As well be mindful of the names posted. Search those names! Most honest people have at least 1 entity that can be cross referenced from a username or an email address.

Take it from me. I've wasted more money then IDE like to admit on how to not do it.

Websites are neat. They are a brilliant way to create a presence on the internet. Now if your trying to build a company. or have little to nothing invested in the real world other then a cool place you want to create. Take it from me.

BUILD THE SITE FIRST, Before you buy the domain.

This however is exempt from physical brick stores. that have a real world existence and need a site.

But many times I find myself on go daddy hunting down a good name. And By god I find some amazing ones. But then it comes time to make the site and either the modification or the idea has sailed off.

Most times you buy a domain for a year. so that means you have a timescale in when you can get a site up. And usually if your site isn't off to the races in popularity its just another yearly expense.

So Build your site and make it amazing! Make sure it does what you want it to do. If you have another domain build it on a sub domain! Get that sucker 100% functional before you invest any time sharing it or investing marketing on it.

Marketing Research

So I have noticed, That my network was getting popular, More popular then its warrant or result. So I went to work building tools to help me understand where why and what is happening on my network of sites.

I came across something rather absurd.

Robots are doing more then just scanning your site for the content. They are doing searches to see what they can find. and no this isn't google. Hunting down the cause and alot of nameless robots that run off a open API just slam my network with garbage questions to my search query.

So I decided to take a look at this not as if it was a threat. But instead an opportunity. Why are these bots doing what they are doing? What possible thing could they be doing by throwing such trash search questions into the system.

Ive learned these bots also dont parse the information they ask for. after calculated testing and temp clock bans to change to result to a denial of service the bots would continue to blindly request the information.

In one instance for 1 hour a robot was presented with a message "You are banned from the network" Was the only output given to the robot for a present of 1 hour. In that hour the robot continued requests to the search box with the same result of being banned. The bot attempted over 4000 queries un-bothered by its results.

Shortly after I tried to feed the bots with controlled redirect options. Where the bot would in theory search the word "Pie" and the result would remain

1. Result 1 - URL 1
2. Result 2 - URL 2
3. Result 3 - URL 3

And during that time the robots did not even navigate to the control group.

These are my findings so far. But the bots appear to just be trash bots right now. Who would make them and why do they exist is something im still researching.

Amazing Expansion

This site has been growing in popularity daily. the news machines are collecting data at a massive rate. Slowly I'm adding systems to help understand and categorize articles. I am writing robots that seek out the content of an article.

I've also been writing source control systems to track robots and traffic on the site. They like to try to take over from time to time. As well I'm learning that SEO is getting easier to understand and work. So i'm writing some automatic marketing tools.

Since the announcement of being shut down. I decided to give some love in hopes that it will become an ample replacement.

What is this place?
Everything found here on this website is for research. Investigateing ideas and projects, Its my version of apature science.

Projects and ideas brew here. Think of this place as a digital extension of my brain.

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