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C# HTTP Post

Submit Post to C#

Install NVR Ispy to Linux

Running NVR for Ispy On Ubuntu

Ender 3 BLtouch 4.2.7

The Reason BLtouch isnt working.

Create a Centos Powered Kiosk

This will automatically install all required parts for Xwin and Opera fullscreen.

Lamp Stack in 2020

Lamp Server in Ubuntu

Positions of the United States government

A direct list of all positions in the United States government This is currently a work in progress

History rolls within a generation

Humans are not smart enough to remember nor are they able to correlate history

2020 election voter fraud.

Pastebin research

It's hard not to be a nihilist.

Why are we so easily nihilistic? why are we so prone to destroy each other when we have the capacity for so much greatness.

Upgrade your Ender 3 Pro

3D Print STL upgrades

Joe Biden Isnt a logical Choice.

This video shows that Biden was never a viable option.

Windows Set Default User Login

How to set the default login.

Don't take the counter offer

The counter offer may look lucrative but it won't last long

Microsoft Windows Embeded Setup

Data Needed to install POSReady

ADT safe watch panel default code

Seriously I'll make an article of this but right now the default code for the panel is 6321

Total system meltdown imminent

Election day is going to be quite the shit show let's talk about it

The mainstream media is corrupt

The mainstream media no longer provides us with news instead it provides us with sensationalization and emotion let's dig deeper

The Lebanon explosion was negligence

Basic research suggests this at the explosion happened wasn't terrorism it was due to authoritative negligence.