I'm Engineerisaac.

Hello welcome to my website, I am a technoligist in Loveland Colorado, I love bringing automation and software togeather. I work on custom projects where multiple systems, Protocalls and softwares must work in tandom. I spend great effort making Web Software that looks beautiful.

Things in the works

So me and Eric have been working on an extremely large project something that we've been ambitious to want to do for a very long time we wanted to build a Community Network that Empower Gamers and communities to cross Network between each other but yet stay unique and independent that they really much want.
We've been making effort into writing such a system and we're getting closer and we're actually showing you with the fruits of our labor through a website called Blue entertainment where are all are in efforts to launch another website called feathercore.com and another one called socialhell.Co in doing this it would allow communities to have their own private website with their own form and their own public the Reds along with private threads the idea that would make this so unique would be that those threads and their day that could translate into a social model platform and allow Outsiders to interact with the forms and become a great recruiting tools to help those communities thrive

Looking at project fury.

As of late I've been kind of watching over the project Fury group with a hopeful eye to see what they would accomplish. After a long time I've gotten to the point where I might help them with some directional guidance but the same time I'm also well aware of the amount of technical hurdles that game has because of its interconnectivity behind the pay-to-play platform on the legality of it all due to the fact that it was a pay-to-play scenario.

I want to help them but as I rolled through all this legal documentation it seems like this might be the one game that is the hardest to revive and if it is to be revived it might have to be revived with play money and destroy the monetary system behind it but then we ask ourselves if we do it that way what happens to the game and the way it plays.

Working on Little Things

So Ive been working on a bunch of little things as of late. Working on Feathercore my CMS system That i hope to one day have powerful enough to sell. Right now there is so many great things about it. And at the same time There are many things i want to fix. Installing plugins for new customers right now is kinda a pain in the ass. And This SAAS system im writeing needs better UI with the DNS system. I Added a weather API I got tired of not having access to weather infromation at hand. So I translated the Noaa Shit show into a clean and neat json string and made it pubically avail to anybody who wants to use it.