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Hey guys check my buddies video out. This is amazing work done around the world. His energy can inspire you to become better.

When I was a kid my dad would take me to Radio Shack I would pull out the electronics drawer and I would scour through tiny little parts one of which was called the LED or otherwise known as the light emitting diode

These little devices fascinated me as they were a light-bearing transistor I said to myself and others that these devices will soon take over our modern knowing of how light is emitted man how rich I would be if I put money on that bet I would have been a rich man today

Nick hollinrake worked for GE during the time of the development of the diode his interest was to try and bring the laser into a more usable and color diverse Spectrum by creating a non photonic light source

The progression of the LED really had everything to do with the color blue we perfected yellow and green in the late 90s but we lacked the technology that created the color blue a critical ingredient to making white

If anybody looks at in the history of the LED or looks at old technology you will usually find green or yellow LEDs plastered everywhere

And then out of nowhere everything turned blue every device that you could find was at blue light source of some format this is entirely due to the Breakthrough of the blue LED

Now today street lights are white running on a spectrum of LED arrays almost as if overnight the tungsten incandescent light bulb became entirely obsolete

The compact fluorescent light bulbs you know what I'm talking about the twisty glass light that doesn't work very well in the cold became the new dollar store standard

The all glorious white LED became the go-to light bulb because of its brightness to wattage Factor a 60 watt light bulb brightness Factor at a 7 watt consumption rate was completely unheard of

Lighting always makes up a wonderful percentage of our consumption on the National Grid and it's invention could not have come at a better time where we as technological consumers of energy are at an all-time rise

This consumption displacement exponentially helped our national grid

I predict that the LED is going to continue to Corner The Lighting Market governments may take actions to ban the production of tungsten incandescent light bulbs

And we may have an entire generation forget the creation of the light bulb

We have all come to know the International Space Station and it's Monumental achievements over the decades but right now the russian-built Solas aircraft is currently grounded due to technical problems a little history the soyuz spacecraft is one of the oldest flying craft to take humans to space it is a purpose-built human vehicle it has a very little payload capacity but it does have a multitude of human safety factors which make it the safest aircraft to put people in space

But since the last mission aborted and brought the astronauts safely back to Earth it is a good thing that this happened without any casualty

It also puts great concern on the International Space Station long-term the Russians will have to fix their technical issue no matter what it is they currently have no idea what went wrong and are scouring through what it could be

But during this time of them figuring it out the crew currently aboard the International Space Station are faced with a dire choice no reinforcements are going to arrive anytime soon it is critical of them and coincidentally imperative that nothing goes wrong on the space station for now there currently is no reinforcements on the way within a practical time scale

The space station is like a boat without an anchor it requires people on board to maintain its course technically speaking a lot of this is automated but even automation systems must be maintained a single hiccup or glitch that is usually arbitrary with human presence can become a real critical problem no different than if your internet at home breaks you simply just reboot the modem and everything is fine

The irony here is this is no different on the International Space Station a standard Lenovo laptop from IBM control guidance systems and is connected to the ground using microwave satellite systems all these things technically could be left alone but probably not for years if the soyuz does become grounded for long term

As of right now we are playing on a Gamble the current crew aboard the space station has the daunting task ahead of them and only time will tell how this will lead in the end

How to Fix it

Click the Windows Start Menu on the lower left of the screen.

Type Homegroup, then click on the Homegroup setting for Control Panel

Click Change Network Location.

Click Discoverable Yes.

Right-click the wired or wireless network icon that you are using in the System Tray, then click Open Network and Sharing Center.

Verify network shows as Private network. If it isn't, set to Private.

Restart Composer. Check announcement agent.

1. Open an elevated PowerShell.

2. Type the command below into the elevated PowerShell, and press Enter to see if SMB1 is currently enabled or disabled. (see screenshots below)

Get-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName "SMB1Protocol"

3. Then Check if its online or offline. If it is offline or Disabled Type in this command below

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName "SMB1Protocol" -All

To turn it back off

Disable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName "SMB1Protocol" -All

The America that we live in depends on free trade in commerce. With every hand hand transaction requires a format of trust between the two individuals and all to common we find most transactions are a fabricated trust

The particular service company will ask for half down before they start work and a particular customer will withhold the second half until the work is completed.

For the most part this works so as long as both parties remain honest to one another.

Most times when the communication model breaks down both parties begin assuming things of the other party this person did not deliver my service this person is trying to acquire free items MD communication string starts breaking down

It's important to understand the honesty and risk should lay hand in hand it's good to assume that the customer is going to be truthful that it's good to assume that the vendor is going to do as they promised

This is an assumed risk that is most important for the transaction to be successful. Almost every time a transaction falls apart between a party it's usually due to lack of communication and most times it's because something simple got forgotten and then people too afraid to own up to the mistake

Mistakes in life will happen it will become a common occurrence as you involve yourself in society how you handle the mistake is up to you and success of your surroundings

All This effort i've put forward into a multi domain complex of awesome. Im now taken back as to how much work i've put into it. It can do so much and as it gets bigger and bigger Its just a collective machine of information and data.

My biggest issue im now facing is with all the advancements im pushing towards it the sheer amount of information im tracking needs to be easily readable and searchable for you guys.

Here I have over 1 Million news articles and you are just not able to access any of the data or search properly. I have months of weather data. Tracking stats smart home feeds and so much under a single roof.

I've spent so much time on security of this system sequestering data to separate databases. And Locking data away its been quite crazy. Now that ive gotten the system to the level it is now. Its ever more clear to me how much effort i need to put forward to keep it secure and running.

Let's be honest we all hate driving on the highway especially when it's traffic lockdown , we all complain about how we need more Lanes but honestly two lanes are absolutely perfect if we weren't such terrible drivers

We have two problems we have everybody sitting in the left lane it is constant mentality that because they're going slightly faster than the people in the right lane they are qualified as passing and therefore are allowed to be in that lane

In doing so the cap out at the speed limit and when they hit that speed limit they are no longer going faster than the right lane intend to sit in the left lane they will continue to sit there because they do not want to lose their forward position

Unfortunately this is where traffic is created if you do not get out of the right lane and you sit there you will effectively clog both lanes and become a part of the problem

What needs to be understood is that the right lane is the driving lane this is a lane that you should be in 90% of the time if you see an opportunity to advance ahead of the car in front of you then you use the left lane to pass that particular car or that block of cars

Then at your next opening return back to the driving lane we are constantly spending too much money on road infrastructure and talking about traffic problems but in reality we have a society problem we have people who do not follow the rules already established and we have a police force unaware or unable to enforce the current rule

Everybody knows the rules on the road to an extent if you set yourself to lead by example you will find the cars around you will follow that mentality would you have to make it known and show them tried on your next road trip use proper turning follows many laws as you humanely can and you will find that people within your proxy will do the same

If you drive with speed and rage you will also find that the cars within your proxy will default to a native competition in this moment you will find road rage

It is very possible to travel fast down Highway with your fellow motorists of proxy and do it without road rage

For the police officer enforcing the rules their overall goal is safety on the road they're not interested in car accidents

Most times law enforcement will allow speeding to an extent if the majority is doing it and the majority is doing it safely

I've been making websites for over 15 years now and over that time I've learned a lot of things

I'm an idea guy by Nature so when I have an idea popped into my head I go to town trying to find a good domain that will fit that idea

After I usually find the domain that idea tends to fizzle out and become a bad idea and here I am stuck with a domain that could have been a good idea but isn't

I am telling you this now because I find myself stacking up 30 to 35 domains that are just wasting away while I develop an idea

This is a financial mistake on the highest level it will waste your time energy and money I highly suggest you do not do it

What I do suggest as you have one domain that you would build on develop an idea until it becomes a fully functional Avenue enough for to deserve its own domain

People will tell you that you have to get that domain purchase before someone else will take it well I'm already here to tell you that someone else has already taken your domain that's a fact of this modern era

So don't spend too much time creating the perfect idea for a domain when in reality Forge a good idea first keep your people or interactive with your site limited during development stages before you go fully public I'm before you go public that's when you do buy your domain

In America we're seeing the infancy of something awesome. We are seeing the birth of the Practical smart car that will self drive you to the local grocery store then go pick up your kid while you shop.

But all sounds pretty cool in theory however we have a couple problems with the self-driving world

Right now there's a lack of what to do when it comes to who is at fault for an accident or fatality on the road currently we have an entire law book written around the idea that there will be a person sitting in the driver's seat at all times so therefore liability can rest on the shoulders of that person but what happens when you have a technology behind the wheel with no person there to manage it?

The answer is definitely not a simple one in fact it's probably the biggest controversy that surrounds the self-driving market right now who do we blame when something bad happens?

Each and every state how's this opportunity to opt in and allow self-driving cars on their roads only a few states are allowing true autonomy at the moment however you probably have seen the average Tesla on the road with driver-assist of capacity let's not be confused it is just like self-driving except you're still liable and you're technically still driving

My personal prediction will be that the autonomous circuit will be born through Transit and transport that means truck drivers will probably be the first to go but not right out of the gate they'll still need to be somebody inside the cab in maintaining that computer during the time of innovation and development which will most likely be more than a few decades long

When it comes to autonomy we have a few problems first I already covered it who's to blame if something goes wrong but then there are others such as processing power power consumption communication since 3 and other extremely variable scenarios that must line up to make self-driving proper

Personally I believe that a good place to start would be by creating a law on a federal level that implies that anybody found interfering with an autonomous vehicle with intention to derail or destroy the vehicle is held liable

This could be as simple as cutting a vehicle off or tricking the sensors into breaking when it does not need to or any malintention

The second potential step would be to create a large marketing campaign to make the public aware of this that's creating a superficial stigma to avoid the vehicle at all costs

Three make a visual requirement on the vehicle itself that there is no driver and the vehicle is purely powered autonomously

This will create to mental scenarios in the drivers on the road they will proceed with caution around this vehicle in to look upon with excitement amazing Wonder

And then finally allow the practice to be placed in the real world to create understanding and follow through.

I will be completely honest when I say autonomous vehicles are quite some time out for practicality and majority on the road as there will always be motorhead's and enthusiasts who will not enjoy the idea of being driven but would rather drive

Cars to people on many occasions are just as strong as the gun argument so telling people that they can no longer drive on the roads that they pay taxes for will not fly in any practical sense

But let's also pay close attention to the idea that smart cars have only been in development now for less than 10 years

Smart vehicles have a long way to go and it'll be a long and controversial Road filled with news articles and opinions

But if we all look at a Thomas Vehicles as a positive impact on the world we will eventually come to a stalemate of understanding with these computer counterparts on the road driving with us

What is this place?
Everything found here on this website is for research. Investigateing ideas and projects, Its my version of apature science.

Projects and ideas brew here. Think of this place as a digital extension of my brain.
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