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To better protect yourself from getting scammed here is a simple rule book to follow when hiring a website design firm. or somebody who will be in charge of your website.

Don't Sign any Contract without reading them fully
Be prepared to walk away. Dont get money locked. Dont spend a dime before you sign a contract and dont sign a contract before you read every last word. This honestly is logical advice. Not coming from a state of law or a lawyer just think common sense. There is many times you find that a contract is anything but logical.

Most times the contract is written to hold harmless your wanted new company. or hold them without responsibility while forcing you to foot the bill. So good golden rule is "If its not written by you, Its not in your interest" So read it!

Own the DOMAIN and the CONTENT
The domain. The big you want for your company! You must own it outright. DO NOT LET them get this for you. I know it might feel complicated but goto godaddy or enom and buy the site yourself. Most times you only need the bare base minimum!

If you have no idea what you are doing hire a contracted IT guy to help you make sense of it. Via 3rd party! This gives you the right and the ability to leave un molested.

Second! Demand the ability for RAW FTP/SFTP/SSH/SQL Access to your files. Many times they will only give you access to a Web portal. Giving you "Full Control" over your content. However with this as the only way to access the information they can lock you out of that portal. And your content will be gone to your access.

Now granted even if you have raw access to the assets. You also need to realize they can lock you out of those portals too. Granting the reason you want this raw access is for backup before the blunder. If you have a 3rd party keeping a backup of your files and your database on hand and off site from this firm you wish to hire. IF by chance anything goes wrong. You have a timestamp you can revert back to quickly elsewhere.

SAAS Locks you in
Many companies look to offering software as a service. SAAS to be short. This means they will lock you into their services no matter how you see it. You join their world and operate the way they tell you. If you don't agree you risk all your information and data to be lost to them at their terms. If ever possible Hire a 3rd party to help you find affordable hosting and get things setup for them.

While it may look nice for the Marketing/Design team to have full control to maintain this. Mind you that if you choose them and you get into any spat. Even if its a billing issue or a scuff with an employee. They can shut you down with no power to you.

Check for an In house Lawyer.
If the firm you are working with has an in house lawyer on staff. Be mindful as to why that is the case. This company makes websites... Why do they need to staff a 40hr a week Lawyer for any other reason other then to defend?

Not all firms have this as a bad case. Look into the reasons why that lawyer exists. Some help draft proper and specific terms of service. Some negate the legal sector of a specialty site. But the majority of the time they are placed there to defend.

Search for sucks.
The Biggest search term out there to find the other side of the fence is by searching for your company or product and add the word sucks after it. Most times when people describe distaste or anger they use the word "Sucks" in some PC format or another. This will help you get a grip on seeing what is in the closet of the comany regardless of how much they invest in hiding it.

Many companies that have bad back lash will create another shell entity to hide or flood the cause using the same terms. So be careful what you read. Look for presentable relations such as specific situations or actual dollar amounts. Relate able impacts. As well be mindful of the names posted. Search those names! Most honest people have at least 1 entity that can be cross referenced from a username or an email address.

Take it from me. I've wasted more money then IDE like to admit on how to not do it.

Websites are neat. They are a brilliant way to create a presence on the internet. Now if your trying to build a company. or have little to nothing invested in the real world other then a cool place you want to create. Take it from me.

BUILD THE SITE FIRST, Before you buy the domain.

This however is exempt from physical brick stores. that have a real world existence and need a site.

But many times I find myself on go daddy hunting down a good name. And By god I find some amazing ones. But then it comes time to make the site and either the modification or the idea has sailed off.

Most times you buy a domain for a year. so that means you have a timescale in when you can get a site up. And usually if your site isn't off to the races in popularity its just another yearly expense.

So Build your site and make it amazing! Make sure it does what you want it to do. If you have another domain build it on a sub domain! Get that sucker 100% functional before you invest any time sharing it or investing marketing on it.

So I have noticed, That my network was getting popular, More popular then its warrant or result. So I went to work building tools to help me understand where why and what is happening on my network of sites.

I came across something rather absurd.

Robots are doing more then just scanning your site for the content. They are doing searches to see what they can find. and no this isn't google. Hunting down the cause and alot of nameless robots that run off a open API just slam my network with garbage questions to my search query.

So I decided to take a look at this not as if it was a threat. But instead an opportunity. Why are these bots doing what they are doing? What possible thing could they be doing by throwing such trash search questions into the system.

Ive learned these bots also dont parse the information they ask for. after calculated testing and temp clock bans to change to result to a denial of service the bots would continue to blindly request the information.

In one instance for 1 hour a robot was presented with a message "You are banned from the network" Was the only output given to the robot for a present of 1 hour. In that hour the robot continued requests to the search box with the same result of being banned. The bot attempted over 4000 queries un-bothered by its results.

Shortly after I tried to feed the bots with controlled redirect options. Where the bot would in theory search the word "Pie" and the result would remain

1. Result 1 - URL 1
2. Result 2 - URL 2
3. Result 3 - URL 3

And during that time the robots did not even navigate to the control group.

These are my findings so far. But the bots appear to just be trash bots right now. Who would make them and why do they exist is something im still researching.

This site has been growing in popularity daily. the news machines are collecting data at a massive rate. Slowly I'm adding systems to help understand and categorize articles. I am writing robots that seek out the content of an article.

I've also been writing source control systems to track robots and traffic on the site. They like to try to take over from time to time. As well I'm learning that SEO is getting easier to understand and work. So i'm writing some automatic marketing tools.

Since the announcement of being shut down. I decided to give some love in hopes that it will become an ample replacement.

Ever since revive. I've stopped listening to what people want. I've stopped trying to appease people by trying to make a website conform around what they tell me. Im done listening. At this point. I'm going to start creating this network and this platform. I'm going to make it what I believe it should be. I'm not going to care if others use it. If they login and use it great. if not it will literally mean nothing.

This website is consisted of aliases that handle by domain entity. The script knows what website is online and what files to serve to make it look unique. It handles a unique system where anybody could in theory point their domain at my networks Load balance IP and Wala! They have a website that they can begin to configure however they want.

They can either use the baseline theme or go blank slate. Either case a whole coretext of features will be at their disposal at the flick of a switch.

This site is basically my hobby. Web Design is my hobby and my enjoyment. So im done making it about everybody else. And instead i'm doing it to keep me sane.

I've separated the load out into a bunch of different types of databases now. to protect the query process and to as well protect the data. That way we dont have surmounted failure. We just have sections go into outage.

Im almost to the point where this system will be able to be used by other parties. and also making a local sync server so that way companies can hold their data locally to their own office to be in compliance with many state governments about data storage. Hopefully if everything goes right all this sensitive data will be captured into a local box at the clients office and encrypted as a black box format.

That way the data is truly local and protected in a cloud setup.

Hey you just got that brand new lifted truck and you're from Texas or California and just move to Colorado you're making lots of money and weed and oil down here I'm in Justin all of the sudden it snows

Your truck can go through anything it's the biggest most badass device you've ever seen or purchase

So you're going down the highway thinking nothing can stop you go in about 75 miles an hour roughly in the area of the speed limit and you think by tailgating this a****** who isn't going fast enough for your lifestyle is inconveniencing you

What s*** all of the sudden in your anger you had a patch of slushie snow and your truck decides to convert into the centered medium oh no it's too late you're going in lucky for you the Colorado Department of Transportation has installed cables down the center median don't worry it'll catch you

What low and behold it totally caught you it also wrapped the cables around your entire lifted kit causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to your vehicle but don't worry you're safe I know me blocked up traffic for a couple hours

Alright in the sad tire I'll be completely honest when I say welcome to Colorado this isn't Texas weather here is entirely unpredictable you need to stop being in such a darn hurry everyday but you take back in account your life safety and drive with responsibility rather than with a hurry

I put thousands of miles under my belt each month the believing when I say I see it every single day you Texas in California drivers of the absolute worst granted of Colorado ones on the bus drivers either but you have to realize if this is Colorado in the road is in charge not your car

It's true 24 hour media is destroying our society

Let's go back in history and look at the origin of the television, the television didn't always have commercials in fact most television programming wasn't 24 hour based it originally had a handful of programming and then it would go into offline mode for a duration of time.

1024 our broadcasting station started kicking off and to fund them commercials with started appearing however the programming access to the general public was ultimately free your biggest financial hardship was buying a TV.

Then came the day of solid cable access and satellite and which point exploited this principal by saying we are broadcasting and giving you a better quality signal so therefore you are paying for the better connection

Thus began the Empire of the cable networks. Rates for initially inexpensive but now on top of 24 hour media we also have 24 hour commercials on top of that be paying outrageous bill

We are exploited into better internet speed by attaching TV service like a cancer to our invoices.

Currently more then 3 generations of humans watch television that's making it the biggest marketing and advertising cool we've ever seen.

You may not have realized it but it is now in control of your life, telling you how to dress what the roads look like how to cook how to make things how to feel what's to think.

Our society is starting to believe that television is a reality of the world we are getting so disconnected by crime shows and action drama trailers that we feel this needs to live that type of lifestyle on the real world

Humans are actually quite native league good people we're actually quick to judge quick to profile I'm quick to make unreasonable decisions most of these decisions in your life have been subliminally assisted by the television in your home.

Television is destroying Society and quite literally we need the manpower and willpower of this great civilization to understand when we are truly connected we are actually together alone

The Honeywell Vista 21ip and 20 should be configured as such to expand to more zones.

Zones 9 - 16
Address 07

1 On
2 Off
3 Off
4 Off
5 On
6 On

Zones 17 - 24
Address 08
1 On
2 On
3 On
4 On
5 Off
6 On

Zones 25 - 32
Address 09
1 On
2 Off
3 On
4 On
5 Off
6 On

Zones 33-40
Address 10
1 On
2 On
3 Off
4 On
5 Off
6 On

Zones 17 - 24
Address 11
1 On
2 Off
3 Off
4 On
5 Off
6 On

We currently live in the state of instant gratification in selfishness this obsessive belief that we are right no matter what.

Unfortunately this could not be further from the truth people want good people they're looking for people who are incredibly intelligent but yet put forward there effort in their intelligence to help solve the cause without arrogance or blind belligerent towards others.

Everything kids are taught in school right now it said everything should be fair everything is equal and everything is exactly as it should be.

Nobody is a loser everybody wins for participating, with quite literally have made the common denominator and because of that innovation will suffer.

Kids need to be tied that life is definitely not fair and when they get out of high school the world will meet them with the cruel cold sholder.

I believe that if we and enriched our child's lives by preparing them with power of information, teach them logic and a very strong backbone filled with confidence and the power to receive rejection and just throw it away like it means nothing and keep moving forward

I truly believe that innovation can be taught to people through acts of kindness and of course teamwork getting everyone to work together.

Collectively we can change the world even though they say one person can change the world just imagine what a group of people can do.



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