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Honeywell Tech Support Number
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1 Customer Service
2 Technical Support
1. Cloud Services Alarmnet
2. Intrusion Services Vista and Lyric, Lynx Touch
1. Homeowner
2. Vista Lynx Ready guard Series
2. Vista Seres
3. Vista Key Series
4. All other panels.
3. Access Products Winpac And Prowatch Netaccess
4. Video Products MaxProNVR Preformance ANd enterprize
5. Vindicator
6. Intenio X61h UNpnp
7. Extrallas Addpro
3 Inside Sales
4. Video Presales and Video Apps
9. Repeat Issues

Loading Default Panel Settings to Vista 20 and Vista 21IP

1. Enter Program Mode
Installer Code (4112) + 8 + 0 + 0 or power down/up & within 50 seconds of power up press the * + # keys simultaneously.

2. Screen Displays, “INSTALLER CODE 20”

3. Press “*” + 97, screen displays “PRESET FIELDS 97”

4. Press “*” + 99 to exit program mode.

All Default Settings are now instated.

1) Enter the Installer Code, followed by 8, 0, 0. Should state “Installer Code”.

2) Enter #, 91, Options View. Watch the values as they scroll by. The first number will need to be reentered.

3) Type *, 91, Options Selection.

4) Type the first number you saw scroll by in step 2 (you want to leave that value the way it was).

5) Press 2 (press 3 if you want Call Waiting Disable).

6) Enter #, 190, Keypad Addr. 17. Watch the values that scroll by, the second number needs to be reentered.

7) Enter *, 190, Keypad Addr. 17.

8) Type in 5, this sets it to be used with Partition 1.

9) Type in the value you saw in step 6.

10) Type *, 99, to exit programming mode.

Facebook grew from an initial Myspace crisis. During the peak of Myspace the flagship social media platform of a time had a serious problem wasn't what you think. ironically creativity is what killed Myspace it's a compass and power for people to modify style sheets to make their website the way they wanted to.

It got to the point where it is used generators and third party websites to make code to make your profile beautiful at least beautiful how you perceive to be. This was during a time when YouTube was just starting up GIF images ran rampant. And musical band albums auto play at full volume.

People were looking for a uniform escape from Facebook quickly folded into that needed mold. And thus became the replacement for the mainstream social media.

Overtime Facebook expanded their reach venturing into new and more complicated technical discipline.

here's a brief. Of time in which they unleashed an AI that created its own language and start speaking in it.

They collect every shaving detail about you and deny 90% of it in fact those of you who don't have a Facebook or unless control of the information they gather from you in the people who actually do have a Facebook profile.

we invited Facebook onto our mobile phones using their application which they have spent a great deal of time perfecting however with all that great perfection comes a lot of opportunity to disguise and hide the permissions they use such as the microphone which legitimately can be used for phone calls and voice to speech in recording feature however because you've already given that I have permission to use the device there's nothing stopping it from recording the conversation and sending it home to the mothership for processing at their will.

according to the terms of service you are willingly giving them information that will become their property. the only react to public controversy however in the real shadows it feels like they don't have much regard for rules or privacy.

understandably it is one of the hardest things to do to just delete your profile Facebook gives you an opportunity to easily connect and find people as well as communicate with your friends and most of all it gives you the striking urge to be opinionated and it also gives you the endorphin rush that you're looking for when a new notification comes through

for the feeling in which your timeline gets stuck and you think that there's just a bug in a timeline but in reality it is a systematic and programmatic thing to make you want and crave more addictive hooks if you will built right into the software that keeps you bleached and attached to their world feeding them information of pointless to descent.

you are addicted

Sally Facebook is the only mainstream platform for the masses and there is no real compared competition for them as many other companies have tried they just can't get the market share. Because the best exploit their majority holding and treat users like sheep.

I'm not asking you to delete Facebook I'm not asking you to boycott it but do be careful what you tell it do be careful how much information you divulge to it as remember every single post that you give them becomes their property not yours even though you have the guise of privacy control.

All right you want a smart House. You know you want to be able to control your home from your phone that's a given. You know that your house lights can be automated, you know that your televisions and USIC can be controlled. You know that your home can be secured and monitored. these are all the basic things that most niche home automation systems will tackle. But it gets done the little things that make your home really smart with true automation not just reactive notification.

it is supposed to be going to break down the truly smart method of taking care of simple tasks. And this is where most upper level automation systems really shine and theaDIY kits really fall short.

never touching your mudroom light again

When you walk into your mudroom or laundry room navigate to turn the light on unless the lights off. but of course once you get your coat off and your boots off and your shoes off you're not necessarily thinking about turning the light off before you leave. This is my proximity sensor in can happen and can help you immensely.

By simply adding an automation motion sensor do the ceiling of this room and a smart switch to control the light you know effectively have created a vacancy sensor that is smarter than any motion switch you can buy from the Home Depot.

Logic can be extremely simple yet incredibly effective. When the motion sensor detects movement in the room immediately turn the light on. Now we get into the cool part we will start a countdown timer we will set every 5 minutes to check and see if there is still movement in the room. If there is still movement in the room continue to keep the light on since when are you in the mud room and not moving?

Okay now that you're no longer in the room the five minutes will expire when it checks to see that there is nothing happening in that room it will fade the light out and wait for the next course of action. And setting up such a simple little thing one less thing you have to do when you have a handful of groceries.

vacation home emergency mode

okay you have a beautiful cabin in the mountains but you're not there all year. there are times when you leave at home baking for 6 months at a time and constantly your worry is is this home safe is it ok when I leave? What's one we can get into some really neat automation systems.

We Will first start out with temperature, first world report to you and tell you what temperature the house is at all times whenever you ask at your phone's disposal will be that building's temperature and as well the opportunity to control and regulate the temperature.

then on top of that we will also measure the outside temperature. if we detect if the outside temperature is below freezing we will then automatically turn on an early detection system for freeze warnings. we will then constantly check on the inside temperature of your home to make sure that it is properly heating if everything is operational no notification would be present. But let's say that your furnace is not functioning for some reason and your house is getting dangerously low. the first automation we will do is send you a notification saying that we are getting close to the freeze warning.

second we will check and see if the furnace is even on and if it is being called for heat and not getting the heat we will then ask the floor heaters which are electrically powered to turn on automatically to try and compensate. If they cannot compensate we will ask the fireplaces to turn on to help compensate.

if all fails and we reach the critical freezing zone we will immediately freeze the operation of water within your home by closing the master valve.

and during this time we will make sure to notify you with every step of the process that is happening so you can call the proper people you have associated to fix the problem.

garage door detection and notification

you have a really nice garage and it's full awesome sports toys and tools not to mention a really fancy car. but you're also very forgetful and at times you leave your garage door open without really thinking about it. well that's quite all right because like we did in the mud room we're going to apply the same logic. We're going to put a motion detector above each garage Bay in your garage and between them we are going to cross check to see if there's any emotion across any square footage of your garage.

we will install controllers on the garage door openers themselves sensors to detect if the garage is open door closed and light switches to turn light on and off in your garage and if you want to feel fancy will add a zone of sound out there as well.

Okay now let's put this automation into practice. you just open your garage and pulled in automatically because the garage opened we just started a 15 minute timer this timer can be adjusted large or small depending on your preference. when my timer expires will ask all the motion detectors in the garage is there any activity or movement if there is ignore operation and reset to another 15 minutes. house well immediately upon the garage opening a notification has been sent to your phone and a nice fun chime is played the house to alert that someone has arrived home.

okay so now your garage is been open for 15 minutes or more and there's nobody moving in the garage. We will now play a notification in the garage so no sound that says warning the garage will now close in 2 minutes giving people enough time to make sure there's nothing in the way. And for good measure we're also going to turn the garage light off. so that way anybody in the vicinity outside of the motion detection will realize that this process has begun and can simply just move around to reset it and turn the light back on.

once at five minute threshold has expired and there's still nobody moving around in the garage we will then activate the garage door asking it to close which the crowds will begin to beep and flash its light to let people know that it's about to move that's closing the door. if the action of the door being closed is involved and a garage somehow gets jammed or does not close an emergency notification will be sent to you immediately telling you that the garage is not closed and has given up because of some part of intrusion or obstruction.

enforcing bedtime for your kids with TVs l

it's extremely frustrating when you tell your son or daughter it is now time for bed and they listen to you for the moment but then turn the TV right back on after you leave. well lucky for you we now have smart TVs that can report into a master controller and declare their true state by telling our brain yes I'm a TV and yes I just turned on. We then can tell the TV that because it is now after 9 you are not allowed to be on so at any point if you decide to turn on after 9 please turn right back off.

no amount of power plugging or wire reconfiguration will prevent this action from happening for as we can simply program and Lockhart Eevee into not functioning unless it is connected to the network.

the pre-emptive doorbell

for far too long we used to rely simply on the button press on the outside of the door to notify us if someone is at the door. well lucky you we are now in the modern era where we can also detect presence before button press. give me the modern times and climate most delivery people do not want to interact or have an exchange with people any longer they just want to deliver the package and depart. this anti-social logic has invited porch pirates and people who choose to steal because of a window of opportunity between delivery and actual retrieval of products.

we know can detect presence by using smart doorbell system such as rings hellos and motion detectors to send you notifications when someone arrives on your front porch regardless if they push the button or not.

the hands-free gate or garage door
let's be honest a little box that you talk into or punch a code in at the front gate is incredibly dumb and doesn't always work. What are the really cool to just be able to drive up and the gate would automatically know who you are and if you're allowed to show up or not well thanks to modern technology we now can put a sticker just the same as if you were to drive down the highway for a toll road can you now open the gate just by driving close to the gate.

we utilize our wireless shortwave technology that allows you to drive right up to the gate the gate automatically know what car you are and enter the gate without touching a single button.

On that same logic we also can detect if someone is driving up your pathway by using the same technology that's used to detect cars that street lights by putting the wire underground we can measure A disruption in the area created by cars to detect if a car is present or not sending you a notification that someone is coming up your driveway.

hospitality services and airbnb's
let's say that you own a handful of properties but you don't really want to manage keys or pay someone to be a groundskeeper. Well automation can help you with door access by quite simply connecting a smart Lock to the door.

all you have to do is assigned a code with a set and an end date and they're off to the races for the allocated time that they are given without you needing to give anything physical away. As well proximity sensors can be installed to detect if people are there past their welcome so that way you can charge accordingly with a log to prove there residency without the need for controversial cameras.

I cant stand westerns and to that logic I avoided west world like the plague. Until I did some digging. This isn't a western but it is, Imagine a western like themepark in modern day. Where you interact with human like robots. Built to be put in a world that is inclusive. You are the human who arrives as a "newcomer" and you can shoot dead / Have your way with / do what ever you like to these robots. Other humans are in the park however they cannot die by the hands of other robots or other "newcomers"

Then the premise of the maker whom is tormented on a highly intelligent level of his now dead partner is the architect of this world and views himself a god in the world gives these robots cognitive thought and memory. You then start an unfolding plot of watching the robots gain understanding of their world and watch the mystery unfold.

This is a good western but shows up undermined by the viewers.

Microsoft told us that Windows 10 would be the last operating system on their platform. Effectively turning this version been to a constantly maintained service. And while they still have people paying for the operating system I'd still have them purchased it as if it was a product. It's key management system and licensing system is actually not the framework of their new Enterprise.

what made them rich in the past is not working today so they had to shift into a new medium it department that they are not particularly good at but they are trying none the less.

mining for customers info!

This is become a really big topic as of late concerns of privacy in personal data being sent to the mothership wherever it resides across the world. We get into a touchy subject of what is declared anonymous usage data. Microsoft can make you anonymous but yet unique at the same time and this is not just Microsoft this logic can be applied to anybody

information such as your IP address your computer's hardware ID technically speaking outside of standard context that would be considered anonymous data. In fact outside of the framework all of the information collected would make no sense without some technical syllabus to sew it all together.

What does this have to do with your privacy and the relation of windows.?

well you just going to have to find out when I finish this blog post.

Ok So I have been following tv shows and Movies a lot. And I love me a good syfy show. This one is extremely amazing. Picture a scientist working with some magic machine. The magic machine goes boom and accidentally he creates a parallel world. Identical in every way. In meeting himself in the hallway of the bridge between the world they slowly change the world between the two.

It dissolves into a distrust situation between the two worlds and ultimately turns into what you watch in the first episode. Please understand it starts off slow. But its building the plot.

This show has captivated me the same way 12Monkeys has in the past.

I heavily suggest you find a way to access starz programming and watch this series!

Hey guys check my buddies video out. This is amazing work done around the world. His energy can inspire you to become better.

When I was a kid my dad would take me to Radio Shack I would pull out the electronics drawer and I would scour through tiny little parts one of which was called the LED or otherwise known as the light emitting diode

These little devices fascinated me as they were a light-bearing transistor I said to myself and others that these devices will soon take over our modern knowing of how light is emitted man how rich I would be if I put money on that bet I would have been a rich man today

Nick hollinrake worked for GE during the time of the development of the diode his interest was to try and bring the laser into a more usable and color diverse Spectrum by creating a non photonic light source

The progression of the LED really had everything to do with the color blue we perfected yellow and green in the late 90s but we lacked the technology that created the color blue a critical ingredient to making white

If anybody looks at in the history of the LED or looks at old technology you will usually find green or yellow LEDs plastered everywhere

And then out of nowhere everything turned blue every device that you could find was at blue light source of some format this is entirely due to the Breakthrough of the blue LED

Now today street lights are white running on a spectrum of LED arrays almost as if overnight the tungsten incandescent light bulb became entirely obsolete

The compact fluorescent light bulbs you know what I'm talking about the twisty glass light that doesn't work very well in the cold became the new dollar store standard

The all glorious white LED became the go-to light bulb because of its brightness to wattage Factor a 60 watt light bulb brightness Factor at a 7 watt consumption rate was completely unheard of

Lighting always makes up a wonderful percentage of our consumption on the National Grid and it's invention could not have come at a better time where we as technological consumers of energy are at an all-time rise

This consumption displacement exponentially helped our national grid

I predict that the LED is going to continue to Corner The Lighting Market governments may take actions to ban the production of tungsten incandescent light bulbs

And we may have an entire generation forget the creation of the light bulb

What is this place?
Everything found here on this website is for research. Investigateing ideas and projects, Its my version of apature science.

Projects and ideas brew here. Think of this place as a digital extension of my brain.
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