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I know what you're thinking this guy is crazy why would he enjoy a show that was fundamentally built for little girls?

Why would this 33 year old dad absolutely love what this show stands for?

Well the answer is actually quite simple and it needs a little bit of a back story.

Back in 2010 I was working for a marketing firm when I started that company I was in a really complicated part in my life where I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go with my life.

The company that I was working for was starting to do some very shady and corrupt things and I would start to grind everyday morally about what I am doing and why I'm even here I started watching this humble little family base company turn into this industrial complex of extortion asking me to do things like create tools to help them cheat and lie to their customer base

I would watch my ideas become suppressed and shut down only to resurface as a new relabeled idea from yet another person within the same company

about time where I was starting to lose my mind the fandom broke out and me being one of those types of people who look at everything with the Curiosity Mark I to watch the showm

At first I felt extremely strange going well I'm watching the girls show but then I started getting into the season I started to realize a very very basic and under growing message which technically in this world should be a no-brainer however it is something that a lot of the world struggles with

And that is
being kind to each other.

As strange as it sounds and as crazy as it may be this show gave me the capacity to use these little equine as teaching tools to others about principles of moral and sound judgment.

Ultimately this boost in morale Within Myself due to the show help me stand up for what I believed in and helped me regain the confidence that I knew I had to stand up to what I thought was wrong and on top of that never let anybody step on me again.

But that also comes with a caveat...

The show taught me so much about the idea of being friendly to everyone this notion that a drop of honey will attract more than a gallon of vinegar and as the show developed so did the character defining each and every trait of what a good person could be irrelevant if it was directed towards little girls are not the message was pretty clear.

Friendship is Magic is basically their slogan however it breaks down to a very basic principle of being kind.

This logic I've actually applied to the real world and I have found surprisingly that by being kind to as many people as I possibly can I to have grown exponentially in my life doors open opportunities have come forward due to it.

Success has surrounded me with these darn ponies and for that I am grateful and due to that I will gladly stay that I'm a brony

I will openly defend the idea that this show is amazing I will take the blunt of The Crazy Ones within my fandom because there's a lot of them purely because of this underlying message of being kind to as many as you can.

Because of the nature of the show and it's architecture it's really hard for the writers to get political or create some kind of underlining tone that has an alternative motive the equestrian world that was created has this unique architecture to guarantee the message and the world stays as pure as possible

The Rule of 34
Sadly however the fandom tends to take things and strange directions but that also comes with any fandom and its popularity I reject most of the fandom Fringe art there's a lot of things that create cringe-worthy and of course there are always the fans who draw genitalia on damn near anything they can to make a buck

That is a section that I outright deny and reject for as far as I see these ponies they are cute as hell innocent and it most are
The craziest part about me telling you that this show has a hard time being political is because a lot of the talent behind the voices have a very deep political agenda in their own personal thing but the neat thing about this show is it sticks to the subject matter and it doesn't allow any of the artists who claimed the voice of the character to push their agenda.

So if this was a mission statement it would go as following

I absolutely love the show I love the characters and I love the message it provides I don't always agree with the fandom in fact most of the fandom is full of people who forget the actual message and look too unnatural desires and at times use art to creatively visualize those desires which in my mind is not exactly a sound judgment and completely counteracts the purpose of the show but as they say rule 34 of the internet has no exceptions.

To me these characters are lovable little vectored cartoons that portray is incredibly fun message that can help anybody in the right circumstance and that is as far as it goes or will ever go.

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