Being constantly connected might be a bad thing

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Oh yes writing this article online could be the Paramount of what you get out of this entire article. But hear me out to the very end

We are intelligent creatures by default we know what is right we know what is wrong we can reason we have compassion and we have the capacity to think for ourselves in great depth. But as a culture we weren't always constantly connected cellular technology combined with social media has given us this amazing ability to be connected at all times

But what if it was a bad thing.

What if we The Human Condition required points of isolation in our life to comprehend and think creatively and objectively without outside influence swaying a sheepish and primitive mind frame. What if some of the smartest Minds of our history and our time spend good amount of time isolated

Now by no means do I think myself as a visionary or a great leader we talked many times I see myself to be the biggest idiot of them all but what I can say is over the past six months I have tried an experiment I have indeed technologically isolated myself to a limited capacity.

And you know what it feels wonderful no I'm not saying that you boycott technology or boycott computers I'm saying you boycott the social interactivity between other strangers

Nothing is more productive than researching how to do something or innovating for creating the social Factor can come after those traits are expressed to share or boost your ego is not always a bad thing but to do it without any type of product or effort can install narcissistic mainframes

People enjoy creative people they like listening to the things that they have invented they enjoy it when they don't have to figure out something because somebody else already did problem we're having though is a lot of people are getting wrapped up on the idea that they need to fill the airwaves or in our case the internet with content just for the purpose of viewing

It gets us as a public try and clamour for something good to watch even in the afternoon of just YouTube alone there is a lot of garbage you really have to dig deep to the low viewerships to find truly good content filled with actual learning and innovation because it's typically drowned out by the noise of the next six reasons why your unpopular

So take a moment and think about the idea of disconnecting I understand that this feeling creates endorphins in your brain that are good on the next notification makes you feel wanted however these traits line up with other instances does simulate the same responses that drugs alcohol and sex can create

Treat social media like a drug cuz that's exactly what it has it shares the same traits there's elements of peer pressure there's a diction there's lows and highs and some special circumstances the addiction can create monetary losses no different than gambling

Make it so addicted to our lives that while we're driving we scroll our Facebook wall we swerve in between lanes not really noticing

Sadly there's a lot of bad that can come from constantly being connected

So if you're going to take one thing from this entire article I would suggest you learn to moderate your activity on the internet to one very simple principle the internet is best used to learn things make friends and contribute positively

When it is used to cure boredom it can do no better damage than a home invasion or assault on persons

Well as many of us think that the internet is Anonymous by the fault everything that you say on the internet has the capacity to be interpreted and red but other people it can indeed hurt feelings that can change people's mind frame your bad advice can get someone severely hurt now granted with that being said I'm not here advocating that you have to watch your mouth or you'll be at fault for anything I'm merely stating that it would be wise to put effort contributing positive content to the world

Freedom of speech only becomes the scrutiny of attack when enough negativity steps forward

And I'm not know I have left this article to run way too long for that I apologize so here I leave it here abruptly

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