The Blackberry key2 vs keyone

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Posted: Thu, Jun 28, 2018 at 8:23 AM - Showing 537 Views

Now that the Blackberry keytwo has released I'm finding it more and more interesting that all these Twitter posts and YouTube videos are focusing on the physical changes in the device however not very many of them are speaking about what I find the most critical part of the update that I'm extremely disappointed about

I've used to keyone now for over 6 months and I absolutely love the phone however it has a fatal flaw it's processor just isn't fast enough its ability to multitask cannot go beyond 3 to 4 apps at a time before it starts lagging out and crashing

This isn't due to not enough memory or not enough speed in the processor it honestly the biggest downfall

The battery inside this phone is nothing short of phenomenal it will go a day and a half of extreme use

the security built into this phone is bar none and granted that the thumbprint fingerprint scanner on the spacebar isn't the world's greatest it does work and it exists on the phone which is quite nice

What's the biggest misconceptions that people have about the Blackberry that I've seen so far is that they're not sure that it's an Android because Blackberry made a name for itself on their operating system that they have to spend it so long ago people still associate at Blackberry with the custom software and not the fact that I said Android in a custom housing body

I technically as you could say downgraded from a Samsung to the Blackberry keyone but I did it because of the keyboard and I also knew that it was Android but since that time they have done more software updates to their operating system than any other phone brand I've ever had

Seeing as how Blackberry is in charge of really software now they let TLC build the phone for them and then they're sent your focus is making sure the software is in good working order and honestly they do a great job of that.

What needs to happen now though is the ability for me to really knock out some serious business work and I mean be able to run Google Maps YouTube and write an email at the same time would be quite nice

But given the current Snapdragon processor it makes it extremely difficult to prove such a thing.

So there's one thing that I like you to take away from this entire article is all the hype about the keyboard has already been foreclosed with the keyone so you can ignore all that the transition between the keyone in the key to our marginal and in my opinion not worth the upgrade until they figure out how to get a smarter processor or larger bank of memory in this wonderful device

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