The highway isn't the problem you're driving is

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Let's be honest we all hate driving on the highway especially when it's traffic lockdown , we all complain about how we need more Lanes but honestly two lanes are absolutely perfect if we weren't such terrible drivers

We have two problems we have everybody sitting in the left lane it is constant mentality that because they're going slightly faster than the people in the right lane they are qualified as passing and therefore are allowed to be in that lane

In doing so the cap out at the speed limit and when they hit that speed limit they are no longer going faster than the right lane intend to sit in the left lane they will continue to sit there because they do not want to lose their forward position

Unfortunately this is where traffic is created if you do not get out of the right lane and you sit there you will effectively clog both lanes and become a part of the problem

What needs to be understood is that the right lane is the driving lane this is a lane that you should be in 90% of the time if you see an opportunity to advance ahead of the car in front of you then you use the left lane to pass that particular car or that block of cars

Then at your next opening return back to the driving lane we are constantly spending too much money on road infrastructure and talking about traffic problems but in reality we have a society problem we have people who do not follow the rules already established and we have a police force unaware or unable to enforce the current rule

Everybody knows the rules on the road to an extent if you set yourself to lead by example you will find the cars around you will follow that mentality would you have to make it known and show them tried on your next road trip use proper turning follows many laws as you humanely can and you will find that people within your proxy will do the same

If you drive with speed and rage you will also find that the cars within your proxy will default to a native competition in this moment you will find road rage

It is very possible to travel fast down Highway with your fellow motorists of proxy and do it without road rage

For the police officer enforcing the rules their overall goal is safety on the road they're not interested in car accidents

Most times law enforcement will allow speeding to an extent if the majority is doing it and the majority is doing it safely

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