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#99 Thu, Aug 23, 2018 at 8:33 AM
The America that we live in depends on free trade in commerce. With every hand hand transaction requires a format of trust between the two individuals and all to common we find most transactions are a fabricated trust

The particular service company will ask for half down before they start work and a particular customer will withhold the second half until the work is completed.

For the most part this works so as long as both parties remain honest to one another.

Most times when the communication model breaks down both parties begin assuming things of the other party this person did not deliver my service this person is trying to acquire free items MD communication string starts breaking down

It's important to understand the honesty and risk should lay hand in hand it's good to assume that the customer is going to be truthful that it's good to assume that the vendor is going to do as they promised

This is an assumed risk that is most important for the transaction to be successful. Almost every time a transaction falls apart between a party it's usually due to lack of communication and most times it's because something simple got forgotten and then people too afraid to own up to the mistake

Mistakes in life will happen it will become a common occurrence as you involve yourself in society how you handle the mistake is up to you and success of your surroundings
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