With the soyuz on the ground it's a big deal

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We have all come to know the International Space Station and it's Monumental achievements over the decades but right now the russian-built Solas aircraft is currently grounded due to technical problems a little history the soyuz spacecraft is one of the oldest flying craft to take humans to space it is a purpose-built human vehicle it has a very little payload capacity but it does have a multitude of human safety factors which make it the safest aircraft to put people in space

But since the last mission aborted and brought the astronauts safely back to Earth it is a good thing that this happened without any casualty

It also puts great concern on the International Space Station long-term the Russians will have to fix their technical issue no matter what it is they currently have no idea what went wrong and are scouring through what it could be

But during this time of them figuring it out the crew currently aboard the International Space Station are faced with a dire choice no reinforcements are going to arrive anytime soon it is critical of them and coincidentally imperative that nothing goes wrong on the space station for now there currently is no reinforcements on the way within a practical time scale

The space station is like a boat without an anchor it requires people on board to maintain its course technically speaking a lot of this is automated but even automation systems must be maintained a single hiccup or glitch that is usually arbitrary with human presence can become a real critical problem no different than if your internet at home breaks you simply just reboot the modem and everything is fine

The irony here is this is no different on the International Space Station a standard Lenovo laptop from IBM control guidance systems and is connected to the ground using microwave satellite systems all these things technically could be left alone but probably not for years if the soyuz does become grounded for long term

As of right now we are playing on a Gamble the current crew aboard the space station has the daunting task ahead of them and only time will tell how this will lead in the end

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