LED technology is Paving the future

Written By engineerisaac

Posted: Thu, Oct 18, 2018 at 8:37 AM - Showing 813 Views

When I was a kid my dad would take me to Radio Shack I would pull out the electronics drawer and I would scour through tiny little parts one of which was called the LED or otherwise known as the light emitting diode

These little devices fascinated me as they were a light-bearing transistor I said to myself and others that these devices will soon take over our modern knowing of how light is emitted man how rich I would be if I put money on that bet I would have been a rich man today

Nick hollinrake worked for GE during the time of the development of the diode his interest was to try and bring the laser into a more usable and color diverse Spectrum by creating a non photonic light source

The progression of the LED really had everything to do with the color blue we perfected yellow and green in the late 90s but we lacked the technology that created the color blue a critical ingredient to making white

If anybody looks at in the history of the LED or looks at old technology you will usually find green or yellow LEDs plastered everywhere

And then out of nowhere everything turned blue every device that you could find was at blue light source of some format this is entirely due to the Breakthrough of the blue LED

Now today street lights are white running on a spectrum of LED arrays almost as if overnight the tungsten incandescent light bulb became entirely obsolete

The compact fluorescent light bulbs you know what I'm talking about the twisty glass light that doesn't work very well in the cold became the new dollar store standard

The all glorious white LED became the go-to light bulb because of its brightness to wattage Factor a 60 watt light bulb brightness Factor at a 7 watt consumption rate was completely unheard of

Lighting always makes up a wonderful percentage of our consumption on the National Grid and it's invention could not have come at a better time where we as technological consumers of energy are at an all-time rise

This consumption displacement exponentially helped our national grid

I predict that the LED is going to continue to Corner The Lighting Market governments may take actions to ban the production of tungsten incandescent light bulbs

And we may have an entire generation forget the creation of the light bulb