HikVision Control4 Setup

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Posted: Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 12:41 PM - Showing 495 Views

Refer to Control4 KDB articles 1527 and 1563 for further details. This is just a basic run through of key points to pay attention to!
Main Stream can NOT exceed a resolution of 720p (1280x720)
If an NVR is recording these cameras, this setting NEEDS TO BE SET AT THE NVR (Configuration -> Video/Audio -> Set EACH camera's to 1280x720 and save)
NVR also needs to be configured for a "virtual host" (Configuration -> Network -> Advanced -> Other -> Enable Virtual Host)
Sub Stream needs to be MJPEG (H264 doesn't work) and configured as below (setup @ camera instead of NVR, more configuration options)
Resolution: 320*240
Bitrate Type: Variable
Frame Rate: 10fps
Static the NVR/camera on the network and input the IP address for the NVR/camera in the connections tab
From the HikVision camera configuration screen, you should be able to see what port the camera stream is being fed from (eg. 65001, 65002, 65003, etc.)
Input this port in the HTTP and RTSP ports in the driver
Test live view from Navigators

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