Facebook is a drug. And your it's addic.

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You're Addicted to Facebook

Perspective and history

Facebook grew from an initial Myspace crisis. During the peak of Myspace the flagship social media platform of a time had a serious problem wasn't what you think. ironically creativity is what killed Myspace it's a compass and power for people to modify style sheets to make their website the way they wanted to.

It got to the point where it is used generators and third party websites to make code to make your profile beautiful at least beautiful how you perceive to be. This was during a time when YouTube was just starting up GIF images ran rampant. And musical band albums auto play at full volume.

The rise of Facebook

People were looking for a uniform escape from Facebook quickly folded into that needed mold. And thus became the replacement for the mainstream social media.

Overtime Facebook expanded their reach venturing into new and more complicated technical disciplines.

Facebook Got Distracted

There was a brief period of time in which they unleashed an AI that created its own language and start speaking in it. in a panic they shut it down.
Refrence - https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/facebook-artificial-intelligence-ai-chatbot-new-language-research-openai-google-a7869706.html

They collect every last detail about you! They and deny you to to see 90% of your "profile"

we invited Facebook onto our mobile phones using their application which they have spent a great deal of time perfecting however with all that great perfection comes a lot of opportunity to disguise and hide the permissions they use such as the microphone which legitimately can be used for phone calls and voice to speech in recording feature however because you've already given that I have permission to use the device there's nothing stopping it from recording the conversation and sending it home to the mother-ship for processing at their will.

according to the terms of service you are willingly giving them information that will become their property. the only react to public controversy however in the real shadows it feels like they don't have much regard for rules or privacy.

understandably it is one of the hardest things to do to just delete your profile Facebook gives you an opportunity to easily connect and find people as well as communicate with your friends and most of all it gives you the striking urge to be opinionated and it also gives you the endorphin rush that you're looking for when a new notification comes through

for the feeling in which your timeline gets stuck and you think that there's just a bug in a timeline but in reality it is a systematic and programmatic thing to make you want and crave more addictive hooks if you will built right into the software that keeps you bleached and attached to their world feeding them information of pointless to descent.

you are addicted

Sally Facebook is the only mainstream platform for the masses and there is no real compared competition for them as many other companies have tried they just can't get the market share. Because the best exploit their majority holding and treat users like sheep.

I'm not asking you to delete Facebook I'm not asking you to boycott it but do be careful what you tell it do be careful how much information you divulge to it as remember every single post that you give them becomes their property not yours even though you have the guise of privacy control.

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