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How to Enable the 4323CBM Module in Vista Series Panels Views Engineerisaac's Blog This Thread has 171 Views


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#127 Mon, Feb 04, 2019 at 12:40 PM
1) Enter the Installer Code, followed by 8, 0, 0. Should state “Installer Code”.

2) Enter #, 91, Options View. Watch the values as they scroll by. The first number will need to be reentered.

3) Type *, 91, Options Selection.

4) Type the first number you saw scroll by in step 2 (you want to leave that value the way it was).

5) Press 2 (press 3 if you want Call Waiting Disable).

6) Enter #, 190, Keypad Addr. 17. Watch the values that scroll by, the second number needs to be reentered.

7) Enter *, 190, Keypad Addr. 17.

8) Type in 5, this sets it to be used with Partition 1.

9) Type in the value you saw in step 6.

10) Type *, 99, to exit programming mode.
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